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"A dark, twisting confection, WMLE will send readers racing through its pages. Joshilyn Jackson is a master storyteller.

– Karin Slaughter, NYT bestselling author of Girl, Forgotten

"Beneath this thrilling, breakneck story of an actress being pursued by a mysterious stalker there’s smart, savage humor and incisive questions—about courage and fear, forgiveness and revenge, and the murky, complicated business of telling and keeping secrets. I defy you to put it down."

– Abbott Kahler, NYT Bestselling author of Where You End

PRE-ORDER | April 25th, 2023

His Games. His Rules. Her Life.

By her own account, Meribel Mills is not famous enough to get murdered. She’s a working actor and a single mom approaching forty, so why is she the target of a dangerous obsession?


It began with a few creepy letters, but now she’s getting death threats. Worse, Meribel’s sheets smell of unfamiliar cologne, and objects are moving around the house. Meribel has played the dead girl one too many times on TV to risk becoming her in real life. She and her daughter move from Los Angeles to Atlanta for a fresh start—but no distance is great enough.

She can still feel eyes on her—an actor’s superpower.  Has he followed her across the country, or it someone else who is watching? Her ex-husband? The lover she left behind in LA? Her new neighbor? Suddenly, every man in her life is a suspect, but she can’t keep herself and her daughter safe from a monster she can’t identify. When the paths of all of these men collide, Meribel will find herself alone in the fight of her life, desperate to protect those she loves as danger closes in from all sides.

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