April 14, 2010

The Winners of the Last Yellow/Orange/Green/Waspy 3Q Contest

No worries. There will be Salmon and Brown book give-aways, of course.

RNG says 18 and 4 – CONGRATS!

18) Count me in, please. --- Posted by Jerri Hernandez at April 11, 2010 10:21 PM
4) I'm in love with the main characters name. Posted by pam at April 11, 2010 7:19 PM

Please send your snail addy to my in box and I will have Ms. Mcfadden hook you up.

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April 9, 2010

The Friday Redirect, Now with Prizes!

Today I am over on Five Full Plates, and happy to be back blogging there. You should make the clickies on that link, because over the weekend we are running a contest. You can win a signed ARC of Backseat Saints!

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February 20, 2010

Firework-Shaped Firings of Random Neurons (and contest winners)

-----REALLY, Crayola? Scented markers? Watching Maisy snorking away at these things this morning in class made me distinctly uncomfortable. It’s like I’ve registered my kid for “Huffing 101, Intro to Huffing.” What next? Apple Pie Scented Airplane Glue? “Get that RIGHT up your nostrils and deep, deep into your vulnerable brain tissues, there, kids. The first whiff is free.HEY! This can of aerosol Pledge smells like LEMONS! Let’s sniff THAT!” *sigh*

---Dear Orange Wasp in a Daisy,
I love you. You know I do. But alas! My friend, you are looking dated. Your stinger seems dull, and my eyes are tired of yellow. Most of all, I do not see room for four covers up there in your green stripy parts. Change is coming. Pack.
Love, Joshilyn

----Now, before everyone who hates Project Runway is excused, we must to business. The RNG felt that a moderately early bird should get wormed up, and thus chose Comment 12:

I'm going to keep trying, even if I never win. Because you know such wonderful authors who write such wonderful books! And who knows, maybe someday... Posted by Julie G at February 15, 2010 11:58 AM

Maybe today, Julie G. Also a middle-ish bird got some wormly lovin’ – Comment 34.

Taking off my hat and tossing it in (avert your gaze, you do not want to see the writer's hair!)Posted by PattiH at February 15, 2010 7:23 PM

You guys shoot me an e-mail with your snail addies and I will see about getting your prizes out.

----Everyone still here must be DYING (as I am) to discuss the NEW season of Pro Ro, the one Reality show that blasts through my I-Have-Never-Seen-A-Single-EP-of-American-Idol-And-This-Pleases-Me snobbery and rivets me to my elliptical for 45 solid minutes. I have to say, week one? I violently loathed Seth Aaron. I was calling him things like Wiggetty-Wonk and Sean Douglas (after the world’s MOST IRRITATING soap opera character ever invented) and saying the sooner he and his black nail polish and skinny jeans AUF’ed themselves, the better.

And yet! OH how he has won me over. Every season, Lydia and Karen and I pick which designer to pretend to be. (Plus Karen and I choose a pretty one to be Sara and Lydia makes her husband be whatever character she feels has no prayer. This year, obviously, he was Ping.) We have usually selected our Fashion-Avatars after week three, and yeah. I am the once-loathed Seth Aaron. He is now my complete favorite.

Part of it was his refusal to sell out his partner to the judges on the runway during the team challenge. He was given a PERFECT opening to just SHAFT his team leader, hard, and he just....graciously ducked past it. Classy-like. Wiggetty-Wonk seems to have a modicum of Human Decency----maybe even integrity--- so rare a commodity on reality television that I gasped and stopped paddling to see it. And I like how he galloped all over and rolled on the floor in his manic search for a black and white herringbone. I like that he does not seem to care that he is balding. He makes no concessions and wonks his hair up into Epic Flock of Seagulls foam-puffs. And the CLOTHES. OH! SUCH FUN CLOTHES! I would immediately buy his little girl look for Maisy if I saw it out. She would LOVE this, and I like the Mom-pants:


Seth Aaron is about the only one whose name I can remember, and I only remember it because I hate for men to have two names you have to say all the time. Yes, weird, I know. It is an unnatural prejudice. I will look the names up...So far, the shiniest non SA contenders are the two women we are calling Old Bangs (Mila) and Young Bangs (Maya). I am getting tired of Old Bangses relentless color blocking ways, though, and Young Bangs seems stuck in the middle even though I often think her clothes are the most interesting. I enjoy the antics (but seldom the garments) of Flamboyant Southern Fella (Anthony) and am intrigued by the outfits of the sadly antics-free Hair Thatch Man (Jay) and feel warmly toward the aesthetics of Pretty Girl With Pierced Lip (Amy---She is the one we chose for Sara).

Who are you and who should win???!

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February 15, 2010

3Q with Lori Lansens (Contest!)

Thank you guys so much for your fasci-freakin-ating responses to the query posed in my last blog. I’ve been on the phone almost constantly with Karen as new comments appeared. We’ve been reading them aloud to each other talking about this stuff while drinking too much wine I shouldn’t be having anyway. Oops. Stupid delicious red vibrant empty perfect calories.

Happy Presidents Day, and in honor of GW and the boys, I have a really superb and open and thoughtful interview with the amazing Lori Lansens. I am a big, big, big fan of hers----her second novel, THE GIRLS, rocked my little red boat back and forth all happy in the water, but I think I like the new one ever better. Her writing is just freakin’ luminous, and I loved Mary and was enthralled as she journeyed across North America, starving for an imagined life that never quite came to her. I found the experience of watching her shrink and at the same time grow into herself to be so gorgeous and ultimately so hopeful.


If you want the THE WIFE’S TALE and you do, her publicist is ever so sweetly offering two. Yes, I see you quailing as it does, of course, mean you have to take your chances with that capricious buttmunch, Mister Random Number Generator over at Random.Org. You have until Thursday, February 18th at midnight EST to throw your hat into his slavering-crocodile-filled, random ring by leaving a comment. As always, the complete rules are stolen from Mir’s shoplicious bargain hunting site, Want Not

JJ: Your main character seems to be nothing like you. How do you inhabit shoes different from your own?

LL: The protagonist of my first novel RUSH HOME ROAD is an elderly black woman. In my second novel, THE GIRLS, the characters are conjoined twin sisters. Mary Gooch is the morbidly obese heroine of my latest, THE WIFE’S TALE. On the surface, the only thing I have in common with any of them is that I am, like Mary, in my forties but these disparate characters have given voice to my interests and preoccupations and defined different stages in my life. All three books are set in fictional Baldoon County inspired by the landscape where I was born and raised in southwestern Ontario near the border to Detroit, Michigan. In the first book I drew on the rich history of the place – a hunting and fishing ground for the neutral Indians, a terminus on the underground railroad, a hotspot for bootlegging during prohibition – to tell the story of Addy Shadd, a descendant of fugitive slaves who helped settle the area.

With my second novel, THE GIRLS, I explored the nature of identity, inspired by the birth of my two children with whom I felt an inextricable physical and emotional bond. In my most recent book, THE WIFE’S TALE, I wanted to examine the struggle of a morbidly obese woman approaching her middle ages, not because I’m morbidly obese, but because I understand hunger and the feeling of being out of control.

The overweight female character has been with me since I began to write decades ago. I’m not overweight but I feel keenly the struggle of my fellows. It’s impossible to ignore the epidemic of obesity and where twenty or even ten years ago a woman weighing three-hundred pounds (as Mary Gooch does) would have been rare we see her now with increasing frequency. We work with her. She’s our Aunt, our cousin.

I joke that I’m a method writer, meaning that I inhabit the characters that I write about. Or do they inhabit me? It’s a way to describe empathy. When I was writing RUSH HOME ROAD I had the sense that old Addy Shadd had taken over the keyboard and was writing the story down like it was a memory instead of a creation. With the conjoined twin sisters I had to leave one’s fictional reality in order to find the voice of the other. Mary Gooch and I had some junk food binges together. I lost my appetite when she did and suffered heart palpitations (did hers come first or did mine?) for the duration of the writing process.

JJ: How important is the setting?

LL: Baldoon County serves as a character in RUSH HOME ROAD. Addy Shadd’s response to her journey, which included a perilous boat trip to America then back to Canada, was dependant on the setting. I’d been writing that book in my head for many years before I wrote the first sentence and so much of it was inspired by history and the memories of my youth.

In THE GIRLS I stayed in Baldoon County, a small town called Leaford, because I wanted to find the humanity in the conjoined sister’s situation and didn’t want to present them as freaks, or for them to perceive themselves that way. In small town Leaford where they live and work they’re just THE GIRLS. Had they lived in a large city they would have seen themselves mirrored in the eyes of strangers everyday and I believe they would have grown up very differently. The rural setting was important because the twins, for all their restrictions, find freedom and peace and beauty in the fields surrounding their rundown farmhouse and rely on nature for their spirituality.

I resisted the lure of Baldoon County when I set off to write THE WIFE’S TALE but it kept pulling me back. I was most interested in writing an extreme character – so overweight, and so sheltered, her life so small while she so large, that the small town setting was all that felt right. I considered creating a neighboring town but the fact was that I first saw Mary in my fragmented writer’s imagination, waving from a window in a farmhouse near where THE GIRLS used to sit together on a bridge over a creek. Leaford was the place where Mary and I both felt most comfortable, which heightened the drama of eventually having to leave.

JJ: Describe your journey as a writer.

LL: I started writing in my early twenties and published my first short story – a love story between an obese young woman and an elderly man – in The Wascana Review. The eleven dollars I received as payment for the story bought my young husband and I a six pack of beer and the sweetest victory either of us can remember. I received only an impressive stack of rejection letters for the next six stories I sent out and decided to shift my focus to writing for the stage. I wrote some terrible plays, veered off into acting for a year or so, returned to my typewriter and wrote my first screenplay, South of Wawa, which was made into a film by a Canadian company. More screenplays followed, dozens in fact, most of which were never made into films. For a few years my husband and I made films together but I found writing screenplays unsatisfying and craved a more direct connection with the audience. I tried my hand at being a film auteur and together with my husband attempted to produce a movie based on my original screenplay that I would also direct. Years of frustration followed, a number of false starts, deals that went sour. When finally it was time to let the film go my husband suggested I sit down to write the novel I’d been talking about for years. That novel was my first, RUSH HOME ROAD.

I worked on the story for a year and a half, most of that time while I was pregnant with my first child and without telling a soul what I was writing about. I didn’t know what to do with it when I finished the 500 page tome. I had no connections in the book world and learned from a reference book at the library that I should first look for an agent. I didn’t read the part about most unsolicited manuscripts being sent back and only learned what a slush pile was when a prominent agent called me to say that she had retrieved the ms from the top of hers and invited me in to meet. That begins the charmed part of my journey as a writer although I don’t discount the years of struggle and uncertainty. The book was sold at auction in Canada and the US and made foreign sales before there was an edited manuscript. My second novel, THE GIRLS, was chosen by the Richard and Judy Book Club in the UK, Britain’s version of Oprah. I’ve been tremendously fortunate.

The thing that I struggle with most as a writer is the thing that challenges all working mothers – balance. It’s important to me to be the one who takes my children to and from school and the one who ferries them to sporting events but all of that cuts in to an already short writing day short. I’ve missed field trips for deadlines and deadlines for field trips and I frequently worry that I’ve shortchanged either my children or my work. I know I’ve shortchanged my husband and friends. The focus and obsession that it takes to commit to a character and story for a year, or years, causes deficits in other areas. I know one writer who finds it difficult to be in public during the novel writing phase. She says she walks around with a blank stare she calls “writer’s face” and can’t hear people talk for all the white noise of her characters shuffling around in her brain. I think I have writer’s face too. I know I have writer’s hair. Still, how lucky I am to have the opportunity to sit alone in a room all day making up stories to share, even if I do have to set my alarm so that my children aren’t left at school.

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January 24, 2010

3Q with Elizabeth Kostova --- Win Free Bookages!

SO. I am going to pass the blog to someone interesting who has things to say, the will to live, And probably QUARTS more blood than I currently am rocking: Elizabeth Kostova.

She wrote The Historian, one of my top ten books for 2005. It was a thinking person’s horror novel, part thriller, part historical fiction, part love story. It reminded me in odd ways of another book I flat love---A. S. Byatt’s Possession---only with a little more bite. *Rimshot*

You probably read it. Most of the world did---it debuted at #1 on the NYT bestseller list. It was about one young girl’s quest to find Vlad The Impaler---AKA Dracula---who would be sorely disappointed if he made a snack stop by my my sad-n-flaccid arteries today.

She has a new book out called The Swan Thieves, and I plan to read it as soon as I can make my stupid eyes focus for more than 15 minutes at a stretch. This is from Katherine Weber’s Publisher’s Weekly review: Kostova's central character, Andrew Marlow... comes across as a sensible, trained therapist...after only the briefest of encounters with his newly hospitalized patient, the renowned painter Robert Oliver, Marlow develops an obsessive desire to solve the mystery of why Oliver attempted to slash a painting in the National Gallery... The Swan Thieves makes clear that Kostova's abiding subject is obsession... The Swan Thieves succeeds both in its echoes of The Historian and as it maps new territory for this canny and successful writer.


If you would like to win one of two free copies of this hardback beauty---good Lord that cover is SO pretty---- then you know what to do. Leave a comment and take your chances with the stubble-legged mistress of pain, that chipped-up-pedicured, would-be seductress we all love to hate as she stomps it out in tatty black fishnets and a second-hand leather bustier, and yes, I do mean the dreaded and dreadful Random Number Generator over at Random.Org. You have until Tuesday, January 26th at midnight EST. As always, the complete rules are stolen from Mir’s shoplicious bargain hunting site, Want Not

JJ: Can you talk a little about the significance of your title and how you came up with it?

EK: The title for THE SWAN THIEVES came about in a funny, unglamorous, un-French way, despite the book's real subjects. It can be very hard to find a title, as you know--I'd thought of several and discarded them, and by this time the book was already tied to the theme of swans in art and myth and I was getting desperate. One day I was having coffee with my mother and a novelist friend of ours at a cafe next to a grubby little condo-development lake that usually sported a pair of swans. I noticed they were missing that day and asked about them, and my mother reported sadly that they'd been stolen. "Who would steal a swan?" I asked indignantly. Our friend said, "A swan thief, of course," and we all laughed. Then I suddenly realized that I had the title for my book, and I needed only to tie one of the main paintings in the story to that title. I wrote it down on a napkin.

JJ: Who did you dedicate this book to and why?

EK: I dedicated the book to my mother, partly because she has always nurtured in me a love of France and the French language and partly for the reason I give in the dedication--because she is such a bonne mère. She has been a huge support for my work and life.

JJ: Your books tend to take us around the world and back...

EK: The characters in THE SWAN THIEVES, like my characters in THE HISTORIAN, do a lot of traveling, something that has been a big part of my education whenever I've managed it. The American characters take quite a few road trips--from DC to western North Carolina, from DC to Maine, from DC to New York City and the Connecticut River, from New York City to North Carolina, and so on. They encounter diners, Civil War memorials, rest areas--things I love in my own drives. In fact, there was so much driving in the book that one of my best readers for the manuscript insisted I cut out many pages of it--which I did, if reluctantly, because I knew I was just indulging my own love of the open road ("Get them out of the car, for Pete's sake!"). I couldn't have made that cut by myself.

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January 13, 2010

3Q with Liza Palmer (And a contest!)

Beloveds, I am out of here until Monday, because I will have no access to the internet, unless you count DJ Cracky B. (Yes, in fact, I did name my cell phone. What? Your cell phone doesn’t have a name? REALLY? Karen’s answers to “i-so-phone-y.”)

Scott and I are taking the kids to Disney World. As we planned the trip, we realized we have never done this before. We generally vacation with my brother’s family and my parents or go to Scott’s mom’s house, and Scott and I have gone on trips alone. We have never, just the four of us, flown/driven someplace far and away for more than a day with no purpose other than our pleasure. Our first family vacation. Weird.

In honor of this momentous event, we all agreed...no screens. NO SCREENS. My hands shake a little as I type this. For me this means I am not bringing the Laptoposaurus: no blogs, no trolling Facebook, no Pathwords, no WoW, no working on novels, and we are not going to watch television. Nothing. Well, I will still be able to tweet from the DJ. I mean, we aren’t becoming COMMUNISTS.

For Sam, this means no Mac, and both kids are abandoning their portable Nintendo Touch Screen Whompulus Hand Held Game-tastic Thingummies. For entertainment, we have each other, and all of the Magic Kingdom unfolding before us, shimmering with promises of princesses and pirates and preternaturally clean toilets. And of course, books:


I am going to read A Field Guide to Burying Your Parents on the plane this afternoon.
I read Liza Palmer’s first book, Conversations with the Fat Girl, and really liked her voice and her sharp humor, so I am quite looking forward to this new one about Grace Hawkes, whose estrangement from her quirky family ends when her father---who left twenty years ago and who has a very spotty past and a mysterious present---has a stroke. I admit the title worried me. It sounded like it might be HEAVY or depressing---NOT the book you want to take to Disney. But Publisher’s Weekly calls it, “breezy feel-good story of family bonding,” and that sounds just perfect. And I trust Palmer to deliver surprising turns and weirdy humor after her fantastic debut.

If this sounds like a book you want to read, too, here’s your chance. You know the drill: Leave a comment before Monday, January 18th at Midnight EST, and I will let the Random Number Generator over at Random.org have his wicked way with all of you. Official rules are here, stolen from Mir’s fantastic bargain shoppitty blog.

JJ: A lot of writers read this blog----how did you come to realize you wanted to pursue writing as a career instead of a personal passion or a hobby.

LP: I've written stories as far back as I can remember. Then came adolescence and my focus turned to merely survival. Anything that set me apart I quickly exorcised. Writing was the first to go. Obviously I felt lost without it. Years later, I was working at a bankruptcy law office in LA when my aunt asked if I wanted to go to Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena for these little Saturday morning writing workshops they were holding. I barely graduated high school and instead of college I chose to work at In N Out Burger, so the prospect of learning how to write outside of a classroom was very attractive for me. That summer I learned about dialogue, setting, how to work full-time and write your first novel and on and on. But, most importantly - and most terrifyingly - I let the genie out the bottle again. I started to care about writing and it wasn't going to allow itself to be buried again.

I wrote Conversations with the Fat Girl (my debut novel) that summer. It was a remarkably bad first draft. 900 pages of vomitous sludge, but, it was a draft. A beginning. A way out of the life I'd settled for rather than the life I wanted.

I found an agent that Thanksgiving, by Christmas we'd sold the manuscript and by the following September Conversations was launching Hachette's new 5Spot line.

I'm still reeling, to be honest. Maybe it's just the caffeine.

JJ: How important is location to you as a writer, or, a better way to say that might be, could these books be set anywhere else?

LP: To me, location is one of my main characters. I've set each one of my books in California and can't imagine a more fertile ground in which to set my novels. I've grown up here and am constantly awed by its effortless beauty: Los Angeles, Pasadena, Ojai, Montecito, San Francisco, the 101 Freeway, the coast of California. It's all so sensual and lush. I'm tempted to drive PCH right now just talking about it.

On my website I've put up a photo gallery of all the places I've mentioned in all three of my novels. From Silverlake's House of Pies (frequented by Rascal Page in Seeing My Naked) to Pasadena's Europane (Maggie Thompson's favorite bakery in Conversations with the Fat Girl). I love having my characters live and love amidst places that actually exist. I think it adds a level of realism to the novels. And having to do "research" at Joan's on Third, with their cloud cupcakes and crisp americanos, is a task I don't mind undertaking. Daily.

JJ: What writers influenced your work and how and why?

LP: I am a California writer through and through, so I consider John Steinbeck and Jack London among my influences. And yet it's a very primal influence - almost as if they taught me HOW to be a writer, not so much about the writing itself. Just this past year I made a pilgrimage up to The Steinbeck Museum in Salinas, California. Amazing. You turn a corner and there's the Rocinante. And there's the wooden box Steinbeck made to transport the East of Eden manuscript. It's other-worldly. I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was too busy walking around mouth open...just stunned and silenced. High recommended.

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January 11, 2010

Winners and Plates (which is synonymous with losers. But in the good way.)

It is ALMOST Tuesday, so I am over at Five Full Plates

BEHOLD! I have conferred with the random number generator over at Random. org, and it said 22 and 44. Which, I said to RNG, doesn’t seem all that random. Because one is the other, doubled. Stinks of a PATTERN, of a PLAN, of intelligent and quite possibly EVIL design. But RNG insists that those were the two most random numbers that could possibly be picked at that moment, and even though it SEEMS to be a pattern it is not.

Or perhaps it IS a pattern, but not the obvious one. Perhaps it is a pattern that is too big to see, and perhaps it began when the wind blown back from the bullet that killed Wild Bill Hickock changed the course of a pollen-drunk moth, and if we could follow that moth’s next move and the fall out from it, then we would understand Chaos Theory.

ALAS! I currently understand Chaos Theory about as well as anyone ELSE who only paid attention to the Geek-Chic Hawtness of Jeff Goldblum when he explained it with all those breathy pauses to Laura Dern in Jurassic Park.

But if you did not win, well. We know who to blame. Chaos theory. Or moths. Or dead gunslingers who were probably actually hung if I took the time to google it. Not sure. All I am sure of is that it was NOT the fault of Mr. Goldblum. Who is still lookin’ pretty dern good on whatever Law and Order that is. Just sayin’. Also just saying that I will post another 3Q with a give-away THIS VERY WEEK, and another the week after that. SO! FALTER NOT AND BE NOT DISMAYED! You will have two more chances in January for the moths of random to exhale in your direction.

22 and 44 were these BILLIE and LYNNE:

That is amazing luck to have come across an agent that easily.
Posted by Billie at January 7, 2010 11:40 AMv

Sounds like a wonderful read. I love this type of book.
Posted by Lynne at January 7, 2010 5:10 PM

If you guys get me SNAIL ADDIES, Miriam will get you your prizes.

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August 3, 2009


I have rammed headfirst into the wall of research on the new book. I need to know some weird and esoteric things that Mr. Google cannot tell me, and that are SO weird and esoteric, I am not even sure where to begin looking.

---If you know a family courts type lawyer or social worker or anyone having to do with fostering, custody, and what happens to kids who come to the attention of the state in Mississippi, I would LOVE it if you would send me contact info and/or hook me up with an intro so I can request an interview. I also need to contact info and/or introductions to:

1) Some small town cops AND at least one state trooper in Mississippi,
2) Someone who works in forensic pathology, especially, but could also talk to peeps who work/teach in osteology, anthropology, and/or forensic science.

If you can help with any of the above please give me a holler at JOSHILYN AT JOSHILYN JACKSON DOT COM. Thanks.

Hi! Remember me? I got SO sick on Friday. I suspect food poisoning, as I had no fever. I was out of commission from one in the afternoon until almost noon on Saturday, when I emerged from our master suite as trembly-legg’ed as a freshly minted fawn and querulously demanded low sodium chicken broth for breakfast. Saturday I sat around in pajamas alternating video games with naps and bracing sips of cool water. If you subtracted opposable thumbs and added kibble, I would have been living a cat’s life.

Sunday, I took a brief hiatus from my busy video game and snooze schedule to go to church, then came home and...napped. Then I got up and played more video games.

I make weekends SO MUCH FUN!

Last night, as if the last three days had never happened, I went to meet my writing group for sushi in Virginia Highlands. I snarfed down White Tuna Sashimi as if I believed Salmonella was a shade of pink and E. Coli was a Pepsi product. So far I have no regrets.

ALSO, can some math-tastic physics-head please to explain to me how 24 hours of near-mortal illness, 24 hours of shivery recovery, and another 24 hours of unmitigated, rampant, willful goofing off can leave me about SIX WEEKS BEHIND on cleaning out my in-box?
AH well, here are the winners of EVERYONE SHE LOVED, and thanks for playing! Send me a snail addy and a note telling me if you want the book signed PLAIN or inscribed to anyone in particular, and Sheila will mail the book right out to ya! No worries if you did not win this time. We will play again, as people seem to be enjoying these interviews. And---although I have NO interview, I do have a very strange sort of bookly give-away to do a little later in the week. If I can log off World of Warcraft.

88 – Blairzoo. Yes. Blairzoo. I include no other identifying marks like the time and date the comment was posted, because HOW MANY BLAIRZOOS can there be? I suspect Blairzoo is like Highlander, only with less beheading.

60 – Heather of Muirnait’s Musings

44 – Mit of MitMoi

And now, by way of apology for abandoning you, I leave you with my favorite geeked out reason why I want to go back to Disney World. The VADER SPANK move kills. KILLS. You are welcome.

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April 19, 2009

A Winner is You

First off – we have a winner. Congrats to SANDI from comment #40, the Sandi who blogs over at Piecemeal Quilts. She won the roll. Sandi, email me your snail-mailing address please and I will forward it to David Cristofano and he will send you EITHER a signed copy of THE GIRL SHE USED TO BE or a dead fish wrapped in a newspaper. If it is the LATTER, I suggest you phone WITSEC immediately and go live in a small Midwestern town where you will work quietly as a librarian and try not to call attention to yourself.

I can tell from the comments that some of you guys think I sneak about all crafty-like and PICK a winner based on whichever of you seems to be the prettiest or maybe the one with the best shoes or whoever does NOT have naturally curly hair. (Because if you are so blessed as to have naturally curly hair, I don’t want you to win because I am insanely jealous. I always wanted naturally curly hair. *lovelorn sigh*) but it truly is random. I could not pick among you unrandomly, because I like you all best. *blink* Yes? Yes.

You are my very favorite.

Back when we here at Kudzu were very young and new, these contests had 25 or 30 entries, and I would write out names/handles/nommy-de-plumies and put the little slips in an actual hat and have one of my non-partisan children pull out one and that was the winner. But now, with 150+ entries as the norm, that’s too cumbersome, so I do a virtual dice roll. You can’t get more random than that.

I have access to a virtual dice roll program because I SECRETLY play a MMORPG called World of Warcraft…This time I had my Death Knight do the rolling honors. Her name is Pennydredful, which I think is RAWTHER clever, considering my profession. Here she is now, rolling a magical dice (die?) that has 173 sides. She is just like Vanna White, if Vanna White was undead, habitually carried an ENORMOUS axe, and had a gooey looking flesh eating zombie for a pet in lieu of one of those little dogs that fits in a handbag. Which, you know, may all be true.


I say I play WoW “secretly” not because it is an ACTUAL secret. I just mean I don’t bounce around in a “HORDE: IT’S HOW I ROLL” T shirt. Non-gamers seem to think me playing WoW is weird ---except YOU of course, oh my Best Beloveds---because I am not, last time I checked, a fourteen year old boy. They EXPECT me to be a fourteen year old boy, even though the vast majority of the peeps I play with are grown-ups.

ALSO, in an almost immediate aside, I will tell you that my nephew, who is a high school senior and KNOWS these things, assured me that COOL fourteen year old boys play HALO, thanks, and I even if I WAS a fourteen year old boy, I would probably want to keep my WoWing on the down low.

I will also RE-digress and tell you that the last time I was in Starbucks, *cough* working on my novel *cough* I may have ACCIENTALLY closed Ms Word and logged onto WoW (just for a SECOND---mostly because my laptop can’t handle the graphics. Er. No. I mean, of course, mostly because I was VIRTUOUSLY WORKING VERY HARD AS I ALWAYS DO EVERY SECOND.)

An ACTUAL fourteen year old boy was walking past and he saw my screen and double taked (Or Double Took? Tooked? Double TOOKENED? No clue.) so hard his head popped off and rolled away under the Tazo tea display, eyes agoggle, mouth agape, and his disembodied head hollered, “YOU play World of Warcraft???” (Note to my nephew: He did not look like a geek. He looked like A Very Nice Young Man. Even headless.)

I will double re-digress and tell you that OZZY OZBORNE also plays WoW. And he is older than me. I think. Either he is older than me or he is made ENTIRELY OF PLEATHER.

In BETTER news for those of you who are not Sandi from comment #40, I have several more 3Q interviews lined up with signed book prizes, REALLY AWESOME BOOKS TOO, books I ADORED, and when THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING launches at the end of May I am going to have a cool give-away thing going every Monday all through June. SO! Fear not. More chances at free cool signed reads coming.

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September 13, 2008

P to the S, Oh My Droogs and Homeslices

PS: I was KIDDING about you guys signing up for fun run pledges. You people are too darling, but no more emails on this matter. I state categorically: YOU MAY NOT SIGN UP AND GIVE EITHER OR BOTH OF MY CHILDREN 35 DOLLARS FOR RUNNING IN CIRCLES! You have your own neighborhood full of underfunded schools and packs of hooligan children with sign up sheets.

PPS and aside, you need that PARTICULAR money to go buy THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING right now in hardback and have a nice sammich and a vanilla latte from the bookstore coffee shop while you read it. If you have already BOUGHT the book, then you are gorgeous and I adore you, and NOW you can use that money to get another copy for your friend or a parent---you know they have a birthday coming up---and again, you need some lunch and maybe a nice bit of pie for afters.)

Still, it is SO sweet of you to offer, you big-hearted devils. ALSO, just to be CLEAR, I am not buying any of ya’lls kids HAMS.

PPPS: Remember how I was going to keep listing the prizes EVERY DAY so we could reach the end and have the drawing and make the lovely be-pink socked mailing list come TRUE? Yeah, well, yesterday I forgot. OKAY SO! Next prize is three prizes. I opened up my small cache of BETWEEN FOX DOLL MINIATURES that my brother sculpted. SO, three people will get a Signed copy of my second novel, Between, Georgia, with one of the little FIC-FACTS that goes with it.


If you do not know about these little Fox Dolls Sculptures, or what a fic fact is, they are explained and pictured here. And you could win one! WHEE!

Also, in case you spent your money on someone else’s fun run, I shall also draw for two copies signed, first ed, of THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING.


I usually quote a review or two when I tell you about the prizes, but these are MY books and I am getting blushful, so I will just say, you can see the reviews of both books here if you are interested. If you HAVE already read Between and TGWSS, this makes a great gift, and CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Really it is. I feel its breath on the back of my neck already. (Christmas has been eating mints!)

HERE ENDETH THE PRIZES. SO this is the last few days to get in on the mailing list. There are a lot of prizes but there are ALSO a METRIC BUTTLOAD of sign-ups, which YAY thabnks for caring! And I wish you all good luck. The drawing is going to be done by printing the list of email addies, blindfolding Maisy, spinning her, postioning her near the list, and having her point with a pick-up stick. I do not know how to be more random.

REPEATED INFO: You enter to win by signing up for the mailing list. You sign up for the mailing list by clicking this link which allows you to send an EMAIL to “Mailing List at Joshilyn Jackson dot com.” Then Scott will ADD your email addy to the mailing list that already secretly exists, and whenever I get done PRIZE LISTING (or at the end of September, WHATEVER COMES FIRST) I will send you a mailing list TEST email that will tell you who won which prize.

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August 11, 2008

Second Verse?

EDIT: I am a BOOR! I forgot to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the TV recs. I am MOST interested in Eureka! and I signed up for it on my netflix, but ALAS, there is a long wait for it. YERG! I have Q'd up MANY of your suggestions and will watch whatever comes first as I paddlepaddlepaddle. Ya'll rock.

I am BACK from the Dahlonega lit fest, which never QUITE made it onto my WOEFULLY out of date appearances page. I AM GOING TO UPDATE THAT PAGE TODAY! I really am. See how it is all caps? That is how you know I mean it. A whole sentence in ALL CAPS is the FTK equivalent of a Scarlet O’Hara, God, witness, radish, puke moment: I AM AM AM GOING TO UPDATE THAT PAGE TODAY. And not play in Little Green Patch on facebook. *nod nod*

HEY! Remember 3,000 years ago when I asked everyone to send in a NOTE if they wanted to sign up for my mailing list that was hypothetically going to send out ALERTS when I had a new book out and tell people the stops on my tour? I planned to have GRAPHICS and COVER SHOTS and in-jokes and fanciness.

SO I put a SIGN UP FOR THE MAILING LIST TO WIN FREE BOOKS AND SUCHLIKE thing up on the BLOG and alla ya’ll signed up, and then we had the drawing and sent out the prizes and remember how I then never learned how to create a mailing list? Or even properly saved all those addresses? Remember the good times we had when I never once sent out a newsletter or even a note to say BETWEEN, GEORGIA and then THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING had been released? Remember THAT? Wasn’t that SO super fun?

Let’s do it again!

Welcome to AUGUST, better known among The Cool Kids as SIGN UP FOR THE MAILING LIST AGAIN month. You can sign up AFTER August, of course, but if you DO, you will miss the PRIZES. ALAS! What prizes, you say? OH I have several, and hope to collect more as August progresses. My prizes, let me show you them…tomorrow. I have to go fix the appearances page right now, remember?

If you are fence sitting about this, do not worry. I am not going to be a pestilence. I am not going to sell your address to the Cialis people. (They prolly have it already ANYWAY.) You can expect EITHER 1 or 2 e-mails a year from me, or for me to get distracted half-way through and never have a mailing list.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat, I’m Henry the 8th I am, I am, so SECOND VERSE! SAME AS THE FIRST! Except THIS time, instead of “asking everyone to sign up and then never doing it and losing the file with the email addies in it” my plan is “ask everyone to sign up and then hand the whole project to Scott.” Which means it is as good as done.

Shoot an e-mail to this address to sign up, and this also automatically registers you for the SECRET PRIZES that I shall show as August unfolds....)

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April 1, 2008

The Bicycle Has Landed

Frank Turner Hollon has spoken! I sent him the entries, and he sent back the winners in the TODD-Contest.

For latecomers, the BICYCLE/TODD STORY was told on The LIPSTICK CHRONICLES. And then FTK readers were invited to EXPLAIN the truth behind the mysterious affair in a contest detailed here.

Drumroll for the winners?

Honorable mentions to Caty and Mir, who are both completely twisted…

The first runner up -- who will receive a signed UK Edition of THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING, which launches across the pond on the 17th of this month – is…

Leanne! Here is her entry:

My theory is that the person who took the message was somewhat hearing impaired. The actual message was from a shy fellow named Todd who worked in one of the bookstores that you've read in recently. He is a rabid recycler, and when he saw that you threw some paper into his garbage can, he wanted to let you know that you should be recycling that paper. But, shy guy that he is, he couldn't bring himself to approach your glamorous self to tell you face-to-face. So, he called ahead to one of the next stops on your tour, to leave a message that you've left your "recycle" in his "garbage". He asked that the message be passed along tactfully, because although he is a rabid recycler, he has compassion for those who haven't attained that level of social conscience as of yet.

FIRST PLACE – who wins an Audio of THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING goes to…

Jo! Here is her entry:

It is painfully obvious that Frank Turner Hollon is Todd, but it goes deeper
than a simple prank.

Back in the eighties, Frank was a little blonde boy who loved cupcakes. His
parents had named him Todd. When little Joshilyn Jackson kissed her lovable
little cupcakes and offered them to him, his heart nearly burst with
happiness. He had to think of a way to get her to love him. So, he stole her
bicycle. And put it in his garage.

The trauma of the lovely pink bike's disappearance was blocked from young
Joshilyn's mind. So Todd waited, hoping she would miss the bike, but was too
shy to tell her of his love and treachery.

As they both grew and she drifted away, he heard she'd been accepted to
college up north of all places. After undergoing extensive plastic surgery to
make him impossibly gorgeous, he started seeking her out at parties. But,
when she smiled, he blurted out that he was gay and lost her again.

Finally, he went off to law school, still obsessed with the beautiful girl.
So, he went under the knife again, this time unsuccessfully, and changed his
name to Frank Turner Hollon.

He heard that Joshilyn had become a writer, started following her successes,
first with plays, then essays and finally a novel. He started writing novels
of his own so he could once again be in her circle. When she ventured out on
tour, and decided to reach out in one last, desperate attempt.

He called, his voice raspy from crying.

"Todd for Joshilyn Jackson: Bicycle of hers was left in his garage. Please
tactfully pass this message on to the author.”

He knew that she would recognize him. He waited in the garage, sitting next
to the pink bike that he had dusted faithfully every day. And he is still

Winners – e-mail me a snail addy…and thank you ALL so much for playing. I had a GRAND time reading the entries!

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March 26, 2008


(A quick note—I have been remiss, just linking all books to the easiest thing to link to. From now on I resolve to share the love by linking to some fantastic indies and the fabulous smaller chains like Books-A-Million and David Kidd, as well as to B and N and to Amazon. I’ll do it haphazrdly, like I do everything, in a sort of ragged and random round robin. )

NOW THE CONTEST! To enter, you go read my guest-blog-entry called THE MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR OF THE BICYCLE over on The LIPSTICK CHRONICLES.

You write down your THEORY of what the MYSTERIOUS message MEANT.

You EMAIL your theory to the following cleverly disguised address:

My first name at symbol gmail period com

Don’t put it in the comments. Email entries only please.

Runner Up: Signed UK Edition of THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING.
You can see pictures of the prizes in the entry below this one—Scroll down.

Contest ends Monday Morning, 8 AM EST.

I will forward the entries to SPECIAL GUEST JUDGE and complete genius novelist Frank Turner Hollon.

DIGRESSION: Everyone should immediately go read either THE GOD FILE
Or A THIN DIFFERENCE which jockey about with each other for position as my favorite Hollon-novel.
Or if you like VERY black humor involving testicles, I also QUITE loved Life is a Strange Place.
Or choose any other, you can’t really FIND a bad Hollon Novel.

Frank will guest judge because I suspect him of being Todd. He does not exactly DENY being Todd. We had an email conversation about it that went like this:

Me: AFTER I wrote the TODD blog entry, I went to TWO MORE BOOKSTORES in TWO DIFFERENT CITIES where booksellers told me I had phone messages.
1) "You left your hat at The Book Nut"
NO book nut on the tour. WAIT -- let me rephrase. No STORE called that. PLENTY of nuts. Most notable nut now = ME, as I got INSANE from lack of sleep.
2) (This one purporting to be from my doctor) "Tell Joshilyn the tests were positive: she must avoid shellfish at ALL costs, she is violently allergic"

This one came while I was at a LUNCH with Susan the Awesome Bookseller and I
ALMOST ordered crab cakes but swapped to a beefy and boursin sammich and when we got back the PHONE message was at the store so if I HAD eaten the crab cakes I bet Susan would have JUMPED ME and poured ipecac down my throat to try and SAVE MY LIFE ---- all based on your terrible lies!

Because, yes, I suspect YOU of being TODD. IN FACT I told everyone on my blog that YOU ARE TODD.

FTH: I don't know that I've ever used the term shellfish. In the south, we refer to the critters by their given names, crawfish, shrimp,etc. Furthermore, I've never seen you wear a hat. I will judge if you promise me a delicious cupcake.

Me: I note for the record that saying you do not use the term shellfish is not a denial.

FTH: For the sake of the mystery, I have remained coy and mysterious, however, I do not have a garage, and I am not called Todd by anyone. If anymore clues are revealed in the coming days, let me know before the judging begins. And from this point forward I will be known as Judge Frank.

Dear Cagey Lawyer Hollon,

“I am not named Todd” smacks of “I did not have sex with that woman.” It is fancy lawyer talk, and it is STILL not a denial. Say to me:

"I absolutely did not leave those cryptic messages. I swear it upon the honor of Glittergirl."

Then I will believe you. Maybe.


FTH: I did not have sex with that woman, but I did accept her cupcake.

Me: That is STILL not an denial.


SO you see. TODD! TODD is judging.

But let’s put truth aside and THEORIZE. Shall we! Entries in by Monday!

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August 28, 2007



Because I refuse to put two names in a hat, send your mailing addresses to joshilyn at joshilynjackson dot com and both of you will get Sin in the Second City and signed paperbacks of gods in Alabama and Between, Georgia. If you want them INSCRIBED to a particular person say so in your email!

Desi A. got NINE correct, so you too should send me your addy and pick a title, and I will mail you your choice of gods or Between as a runner up prize.

Honorable mentions to those who got 8:
Deb R
Melisa (yes, with one s)
Tina W.
Dawn T.
Cheryl U.
Amanda M.
Chris Tequila Cookies
Caren G.


1) KAREN had the Woobie watch. It was this HUGE leather MANACLE, so unwieldy that when she walked in it, passersby instinctively put up hands to keep her from tipping over. Because of this contest, she is threatening to have it repaired and WEAR it. In PUBLIC. This, by the way, was the MOST frequently missed one – I think maybe 4 people got this right? Up until about a month ago when my friend Anna MADE me a watch out of beads, I don’t think I had OWNED a watch in ten years. Even then, it was a finger ring watch and I took it in the shower the day after I bought it and ruined it and just wore it anyway.

Even now, on days when the one Anna made is looped around my wrist, I ask people what time it is because I forget it’s a watch and that I am wearing it. It seems so unlikely. I also never know what date it is, even up unto the month. And more than once, writing a check, I have had to stop and make sure I had the year right. I am not what you would call Grounded. Karen is, mostly because her OLD WATCH is so huge it could ground a DIRIGIBLE. *rimshot!*

2) Karen can dance. This was a Gimme. I cannot dance. I am so unco-ordinated that I can trip over dust.

3) I own a pair of gauchos. I wear them. Shut. Up.

4) Karen used to be blonde.

5) I do not like the sports.

6) I am the one who says, “This sentence is not right with the Lord.” It isn’t just for sentences. It’s the phrase I use for anything that is borked ALMOST but not quite beyond redemption.

7) I can make a monster-good cocktail from everyday household items. Or so Karen says. I think everything is good if you add enough chocolate, and I am right, so that may be why Karen believes this.

8) KAREN racked up the 650 dollar cell phone bill. My first tour, I did a similar thing, going over 400 bucks. YARG! But with her tour being more recent, I thought most of ya’ll would get this. And you did.

9) Karen is the kamekazi driver.

10) I toodle along all pokey and RRR-brake and never actually MET “my left” to speak to. In fact, I CHEATED on the left right test in first grade. <--- TRUE!

I was a spacey little kid who always sneaked a book under the desk and read during the boring parts, and one day I looked up from Ramona the Pest and noticed that kids were going up ONE BY ONE to the VERY FRONT of the classroom and being tested on WHICH hand was left and which was right. PUBLICLY!!!!

I simultaneously realized that 1) I had no idea which way was left, and 2) we were about three kid away from my turn. My blood stopped, insta-congealing in my veins, because I was about to publicly fail something SO BABY EASY, and everyone would laugh at me and point and I would DIE. In a blind panic, I began to recite the Pledge of Allegiance under my breath, and was delighted to find a hand I ASSUMED must therefore be my RIGHT put itself up obligingly over my heart. Before I could forget which it was, I grabbed my pencil and drew a dot on my right shoe. I stared shyly at my toes during testing, and passed with flying colors.

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August 25, 2007


I will be doing book things later today, but for NOW….I AM SO HAPPY TO BE SNIFFING HORSES. I think I am going to ride today, and I am SO excited. I have not thrown leg over leather since I fetched up pregnant with Miss Maisy. Also, there is an ENORMOUS silver Main Coon living here. He has two eyes (but his ears are totally BORKED, and somehow this makes him more Schubertlike in my head ). I may have to pack him and bring him home. TOTAL love match, me and this cat. His name is FRITZ, he slept on my butt last night, and I am going out as soon as I post this to carve his name in a tree and moon.

For the release of my friend Karen’s first book, I promised her I would do her a 100 things like have done in the past for various folks I really like. I even had a title. It was going to be called, “99 Non Scatalogical Things About my Friend Karen Abbott.” I sat down to write it twice the week of her release. I crapped out. Both times.

I couldn’t think of 99 non-scatological things. She’s a scatological kinda girl.

SO we spent yesterday in the Van-tastic Mom-mobile, road-tripping toward arterial strangulation via Poutine (OOOOOOOOOOOH! POUTINE! I think I ate 4,000 calories worth last night, and I if we hadn’t LICKED the platter like wolverines until it we could SEE ourselves in its shiny surface, I would be eating 4,000 calories worth MORE for breakfast…) and so we decided to do a 100 things list together, alternating back an forth, half things she knows about me, half thing I know about her.

THEN I realized it has been a LONG time since I had a CONTEST. SO here are ten random things, culled from that list.
Some are about Karen.
Some are about me.
You have to guess which is which.
Who ever gets the most right, wins.

Email your entry to joshilyn AT joshilynjackson dot com



If multiple folks get the same high score, we’ll put the names in a hat, pluck one, and the winner gets a signed HB copy of Sin in the Second City and signed paperbacks of gods in Alabama and Between, Georgia.

You cannot play if you are married to, related to, or RL BFF with either of us. Because you have pre-cheated by knowing us. This is for the internets: my best beloveds, Karen’s pretty friends inside the computer.

Let’s say this runs through MONDAY, so the folks who don’t read blogs on the weekend have a chance, too…


1) SHE used to have the ugliest watch on the planet. She loved it so much she called it her “woobie,” but it looked like what would happen if some bondage equipment got over on a Timex and they reproduced. It was so unwieldy that it didn’t look like she could lift her hand up. The band tore (or a merciful God tore it or caused it to be torn) or she’d be wearing it to this day.

2) SHE can dance. I mean, full-on 80s, bust-a-movin’. She can out-hammer MC and she’s so shameless about it that she somehow manages to pull off even the running man without looking ridiculous. For Christmas, she is probably going to get some of those long-crotch parachute pants. Can’t touch dis.

3) SHE owns a pair of gauchos. She knows VERY well that The Gaucho CANNOT come back and more-over, it SHOULD not. But she has them. And she WEARS them. And then she calls me on the phone and says, “I’m wearing gauchos. Are you judging me?”

4) She used to be blonde. No, REALLY. Platinum blonde with a big teased up hump of bang-splosion coming out the top. Viva la 1991!

5) SHE doesn’t give a rotten fig about any sort of activity involving a ball. All sports are simply, “a sport,” as in, “Hey guys, what are you doing? Oh YAWN, are you watching a sport?” We once went to grab a quick salad in a sports bar. She glanced up at the TV, which was showing the World Cup, and said, “Ugh! Do they seriously have golf on?” She was completely unfazed when the entire bar turned to glare at her. When a friend became excited about an upcoming sporting event in Atlanta, she asked, earnestly, “Oh, are the Braves playing the Eagles again?”

6) When someone in our writing group perpetrates a sentence that has huge structural problems, SHE will write, “This sentence is not right with the Lord,” and you KNOW that this is a sentence which must be rewritten from the ground up, if not removed entirely.

7) SHE can make a monster-good cocktail from everyday household items. She’s so talented at mixology, in fact, that she could make a Comet Windex Bleachtini and it would probably taste so great you would still be sipping it on the way to the emergency room.

8) On book tour, SHE racked up a 650 dollar cell phone bill. Her husband had a coronary, and we will all miss him. Now, if I call her cell phone at a time when happens to be at home, she will pick up the phone, and instead of saying “Hello” she will scream, “DUDE! MY MINUTES!” and hang up on me.

9) When SHE drives, she takes to the road like Mario Andretti on crack. It’s a battle to the death: she will win, she will win, she will win. All lanes are her lane. You need to move. The earth trembles, the sun turns away its face, and the little deer run deep into the forest to hide. I close my eyes and think of England.

10) When SHE drives, she doesn’t know the difference between right and left, or red and green, or gas and brake. She will put her foot on the gas and go RRRRRR forward a little fast, then put her cautious foot on the brake and TAP it back down. RRRRR, tap. RRRRR tap. If you want her to turn, you cannot say GO LEFT --- if you tell her to go left she will turn in a random direction that could be left. Or right. Or north. Or UP. You have to say “Go YOUR way.” To get her to go right, the person in the passenger seat must say, “Go MY way.” I close my eyes and think of England.


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May 28, 2007

Contest Closes Today!

When I get up in the mroning, I'll upload any last entries and then it goes to the judge, AKA My Friend Lydia (Anna is traveling!)

I offer a respectful thank you to all our men and women serving now and to our veterans, especially my father and my brother. Hoo-ah.

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Entry #29

"Between Georges"

"Trust me on this, son. Family feuds are the worst thing to try to get in the middle of."


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Entry #28


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Entry #27


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May 27, 2007

Entry #26

"Between a Rock and a Hard Place"


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Entry #25

"Between, Azeroth"


If you do not play World of Warcraft this one is lost for you, OH! BUT IF YOU DO! HA! You probably just spat coffee into your keyboard.

The entrant had this to say: "I WILL tell you right up front that the geek factor score of [this entry] is through the roof. You may want to tape your glasses before you even look... I'm tempted to submit [it] under the name Nerd Dorkleson."


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Entry #24

"Beginning of Intelligent Life on Earth"


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Entry #23

"Proof of Intelligent Life on Earth"


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Entry #22



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Entry #21

"Between Clive abd Joshilyn"


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May 26, 2007

Entry #20

"Virgin, my...err, eye."


"Sir Richard's Favorite Codpiece -- Stylish AND Functional!"


"Technically, it's not nudity"

Lats day for the contest is MONDAY, so get snapping!

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May 25, 2007

Entry #19


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Entry #18

Between Georgia O'Keefe


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Entry #17

Small World Story -- This is my friend and fellow Quilt Mav Laume, who went to London, and needed a book, and ended up BY CHANCE in the same bookstore where I had been a week earlier signing gods in Alabama. She is holding an autographed copy. HA!


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Entry #16

"Between, Georgia on my mind"


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Entry # 15



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Entry #14


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Entry #13

Doggone Good Book

Subtitle: Get Your Paws off My Copy


Hehe. AW. I like her. I kinda want to caption this,
"Between, Georgia: Dogs don't know it's not bacon!"

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May 24, 2007

Entry #12

“Today’s episode of Conversations with Caroline: Elmo’s Book Club Pick”


It's a good thing thing Elmo didn't pick gods in Alabama --- I shudder to think what the Word of the Day would have been! *grin*

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Entry #11


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Entry #10


This is the UK cover.

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Entry #9


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Entry #8


Whoo! First real pic!

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Entry #7

"Any Prize for Worst Paint Project?" (Note from the artist: This just made me laugh. I could use a photoshopping program on my MAC. Love the others.)


Okay -- she was not trying to officially enter this. BUT! I love how Between is bursting out of Clive's chest like the alien. Also, I have a very mighty rack in this pic. So. I put it up.

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Entry #6

"A Perfect Pair"


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May 23, 2007

Entry #5

"Thinking that this is one freakin' good book..."


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Entry #4

"The David's Cover"


(or, as I like to call it, a male fan goes nuts...)

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Entry #3

"The Essential Accessory"


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Contest Rules Update

As per suggestions in the comments, there will be two prizes for PHOTO SHOPPED pictures and two for SNAPPED pictures.

Also, I have a couple more entries but have to figure out how to resize them before I can post 'em. You can help by resizing them yourself to fit on the blog if you know how. If you do not know how, send em anyway and I will post them as soon as I can get them to fit, OR worst case, still forward them to the judge without posting em!

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Entry # 2

"Good Word of Mouth"


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May 22, 2007

Entry # 1

"Between a Hunk and a Hard Place"


As a BONUS! This entry also answers the sad, sad little pack of you who emailed to ask "Who is Clive Owen?"

When not reading my novels and mooning over my picture, Clive spends his time smoking up great films like
Children of Men
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
The Bourne Identity
etc etc

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May 21, 2007

Oh Shoot! A Contest!

Because quite a bit of SHOOTING happens in Between, and feeling inspired by ZOMBRARIAN…


I cordially invite you to SHOOT Between.

HOW TO ENTER: Take a picture with a digi-cam or your phone that has a copy of BETWEEN, GEORGIA in it. Be cute, be funny, be creative, be poignant...whatever.
E-mail it to me: joshilyn at joshilynjackson dot com.

Rules: No rules, but I do not want to see you naked. Unless you are Clive Owen, in which case, I do want to see you naked, actually, and should you make such an entry, I hasten to assure you that you win, instantly, even if there is not a copy of BETWEEN anywhere in the shot.

The picture can be captioned or not captioned. Photoshopped or au natural. Go nuts.

PS By the way, in the sentence above, au natural means NOT PHOTOSHOPPED. It does not mean NAKED. Also? When I say go nuts? I invite all my male readers to take that ABSOLUTELY figuratively. Just so we are clear.

Since I have FRIENDS who read this blog, the judge will be MY FRIEND ANNA, and all entries will be sent to her ANONYMOUSLY.
You have all week.
I reserve the right to post entries, whether or not Anna picks them to get a prize.

At least three winners will receive signed books and one of my brothers little foxes that I have cleverly hidden and held back for the paperback release. (!!! FOXES !!!)

Also, PS it is still Monday. I have HOURS of Monday left.

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