February 1, 2009

16 Things About iPod

I keep getting tagged on facebook with this 16 things meme (sometimes it is a 25 things meme, sometimes 16, facebook is all DIVERSE like that), but I can’t figure out how to TAG FOLKS back so I am just going to blog 16 things and then say so in my Facebook profile. Because once I get PAST how to play Pathwords, Facebook gets VERY murky. I’ve cleaned off every app I could find (Except Pathwords) and now just use it to look at people’s pics and updates. (And play Pathwords.)

(Contained inside these parenthesis is a note written AFTER I wrote the 16 things, and just before I post them. You will notice I never got to me. About eight things in I was STILL talking about iPods. So. I changed the rules and the title and here we are.)

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. (Or an iPod) At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. (Since I am not Tag-capable, I tag ya’ll, Best Beloveds, if you play on Facebook or blog.)

1) I was going to buy an iPod shuffle to listen to audiobooks EVEN THOUGH they do not come in orange. (Major sin – everything should come in orange.)

2) My friends in the computer (That’s you, O Best Beloveds) made such reasonable anti-shuffle arguments (“Dear Joshilyn, Think about the definition of the word SHUFFLE as it applies to music. Now think about AUDIOBOOKS and linear progression…You should get a Nano. Or a TOUCH!”) that I did not buy it.

3) Instead I whined and flopped back and forth asking did I really want to spend that much money on my stupid little pleasures. I decided not to. Then I decided to ask for it for my birthday. THEN I decided it was too extravagant for a birthday gift. Then I comparison shopped ALL OVER google and found TOUCHes cost more than a black market human kidney so those were absolutely out, and Nanos cost much the same everywhere. Then I decided not to buy one again.

4) Lather rinse repeat #3 the next day.

5) Lather Rinse Repeat #4 the next day.

6) On the third day, Scott went to Best Buy and bought me an iPod Nano.

7) It is orange. (HUZZAH!)


8) I have married a saint, and he likes Music probably more than anyone in the house and yet HE has no iPod.

9) Sometimes when I write about Scott’s saintliness and my lunacy minor eccentricities, I get the feeling that people out there feel sorry for Scott and think he must have a rough time.

10) He likes it though. And he has his own play list on my iPod Nano and will probably use more of the memory than me because he likes songs.

11) Barring high school girlfriends, I have met every girl Scott ever dated, and they were all, to a woman, BAT CRAP FREAKIN’ CRAZY. Crazy is his type. And if I had not snapped him up, he would have married some other BAT CRAP FREAKIN’ CRAZY chick, because that’s how he rolls.

12) I realize that number 9 and number 11 were not really about iPod. They did not even contain the WORD iPod. I am going to make it up to you in number 13.

13) iPod! iPod! iPod!

14) I don’t like the little earbud speakers. I am absolutely positive that if I put them in I will not hear the phone, or the dangerous puma that is stalking my children in the basement, or the approaching horde of cannibals who are breaching my front door.

15) So Scott gets the earbud things, and most of the memory, and I will use what is probably really HIS (orange) Nano to listen to my audiobooks in The Good Cat. (My car is named The Good Cat. It is orange.)

16) Right now I am listening to THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO. I am hooked!

17) Part of the reason I like it is because a British fellow reads it, and I like to hear British fellows talk. He could be reading the farm report and I would listen to him longer than I would listen to the farm report read by an American.

18) I estimate the time I would spend listening to a farm report read by an American to be about 30 seconds. I would listen to the Brit for 33 seconds.

YES That’s 18. But two of them were not at all related to iPOD (The audiobook and farm report ones WERE because of course I am listening to the audiobook on an iPod, and I would in THEORY be listening to the farm report on the iPod. See?) SO it is STILL 16 things about iPod and two things that…aren’t.

Organizational skills? Hrm. I don’t think I have one of those.

Do they come in orange?

Posted by joshilyn at February 1, 2009 2:30 PM

I am happy you are so happy with the new orange i-pod. I do have the lime green shuffle and love it. For songs. Scott would love one. For Valentine's day and they are only 47 at Sam's.
I too hate the ear pods that come with. I went to Best Buy or Target, I forget, and bought new ones for smaller ears. MUCH better. Happy Super Bowl Day. I don't do Football.

Posted by: jean at February 1, 2009 2:50 PM

the shuffle will shuffle and it will not as well, there is a switch for just such a thing. but still no orange. =( I use my shuffle all the time with just one earbud at work so I can hear the advancing hoards (my boss).

Posted by: elizabeth at February 1, 2009 4:12 PM

I am jealous that you have an orange car.

And I also use only one earbud on a regular basis for audiobooks. It's not so good that way for music recorded in stereo.

Congrats on owning the most gorgeous iPod every created.

Posted by: jenifer at February 1, 2009 4:19 PM

I love my iPod. My former boyf got it for me so I could load ALL my musicals on it, but turned out I was so greedy as to want all my sis's music that I didn't have, that I filled up my iPod with but a few musicals but MOSTLY not.

And though I post here but rarely--Ms. J, you are hysterical. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by: Molly at February 1, 2009 4:47 PM

Apparently I've been out of touch a little TOO long...since when have you got an orange car?

Posted by: Amy-Go at February 1, 2009 6:58 PM

You should give the iPod to the Saintly Scott and get an iPhone, which is (ironically) cheaper than an iTouch. Then you can listen to your books (or, in theory, songs) AND get on facebook at the same time.

Although, I'm not sure you can play Pathwords on facebook on your iPhone. But there's probably a free app to take care of that.

And I'll bet you could get an orange case for it.

Posted by: Jen at February 1, 2009 7:23 PM

Have you ever TAKEN the "colors" personality test? As an educator and an attendee and graduate of not one but TWO Christian schools--I have taken every single, stinkin' personality test there is.

The colors one has, ironically, colors to describe people. Green=annalytical scientist types, Blue= right-brained emotional types, Gold= stalwart, Dudley DoRight types, and Orange= YOU, YOU, YOU. There in an ENTIRE personality colored just for you.

I am equal parts gold and blue, alas, there is no pink. Woe is me.

Posted by: Roxanne at February 1, 2009 7:39 PM

I hated the earbuds, and bought over-the-ear headphones from Brookstone. They are small (not gigantic ones like we used in language lab), comfy, and less likely to make you lose your hearing (though of course only if you use them at a reasonable volume). Recommended!

Posted by: Genevieve at February 1, 2009 8:04 PM

I saw an orange Vue without sunroof the other day in the grocery store parking lot and it made me think of you.
While I am not a devotee of the IPod, I do love my MP3 Player. I also use it almost entirely audiobooks. Which means I have some recommendations for you. Check with your local Library, our Library lets you log in to netlibrary.com with your Library card number and download/check out audio books for FREE! My other favorite site for audiobooks is podiobooks.com, most of the books on there are first time authors, reading their own books. Our favorites are: Quarter Share, South Coast, Half Share, Full Share, and Double Share all by Nathan Lowell; The Secret World Chronicle by various authors, most notably Mercedes Lackey; Shadowmagic by um, shoot I don't remember right now, just search podiobooks for Shadowmagic.
I have a morning paper route, uhg 2:30 in the morning, and I listen to audiobooks as I do my route so I go through a lot of books.
I know I hardly ever comment here, but I love reading what you have to say.

Posted by: Tina at February 1, 2009 8:42 PM

To tag someone in Facebook, act like you've mentioned them by clicking on the box near your note draft that says something like, In This Post and has a box you can type a name in. It took a while for me to figure that one out too, a I kept getting tagged for lists.

Posted by: TheresaG at February 1, 2009 11:33 PM

#17--You need to listen to Liam Neeson read How the Irish Saved Civilization. I promise, you won't learn a thing. :)

Posted by: Becky Levine at February 1, 2009 11:41 PM

Joss I credit you with winning me to the side of Orange. It was my least favorite color growing up (but only after bumblebee yellow, especially when paired with black.) Now I've grown to like buttercup yellow and various other bumblebee-reminiscent shades (though I still hold out on yellow and black, thank you) but I never even felt the need to try to like orange, not even remotely, until I saw The Good Cat picture and you have ever since nattered about the color orange from time to time, and of course I pay attention and suddenly, now, I LIKE orange. Entirely your fault, of course.

Also, whenever you talk about Scott I just think, yes, sainthood, and... why can't M be more saintly? *G*

And while I know you don't have the time or inclination to read it, I did do this meme on my blog because I got tired of being tagged, too, and it's in the URL link.

Posted by: Jess at February 2, 2009 9:21 AM

Thank you Theresa for the tip on Facebook tagging for I, too, have been having a dickens of a time trying to figure it out. I must add if I wasn't so totally positive who my parents are I would swear Joshilyn and I are twins separated at birth because 1. We are in Diet Torture Synchronicity and 2. I am so totally disorganized and 3. I resist the purchase of an Ipod because I fear some crazed serial killer will take advantage of my not being able to hear him sneak up on me while I'm walking the trail.

Joshilyn, are you sure YOU aren't adopted? Perhaps my parents knew they couldn't handle two of us. :)

Posted by: Kim at February 2, 2009 10:03 AM

I chose a Sony Walkman mp3 because my library's online resources for audiobooks doesn' support apple products. I love, love, love it. I put a little music on there but not for listening while commuting. I have a nasty habit of singing along and I don't want to make the other commuters suicidal. I mostly listen to audiobooks and it's terrific for knitting or spinning. Especially since I don't own a television.

Posted by: donna lee at February 2, 2009 12:31 PM

So glad that you're enjoying your iPod! I haven't gone there yet, but have been getting my parents set up so they can get audiobooks (and Wait, Wait) on theirs. Yours is Pretty!

I will even listen to British Fellows if they give directions while I'm driving, and NOT shout at them if they wait too long to tell me to turn. That's why there is a British Fellow's voice on my GPS. Some of the other voices were a bit annoying even when they DIDN'T mess me up, so that's not good!

Posted by: Diane (TT) at February 2, 2009 12:42 PM

Oh, yes. Male British audio book readers. I have fallen in love with them in the past few years. Simon Prebble is really good. Neil Gaiman reads his own books, and although I find them just okay, I keep downloading them because I love his voice. Yum. And if I need to listen to radio news, it's always the BBC.

Posted by: Caryn Caldwell at February 2, 2009 1:46 PM

Orange is pretty. I hope ipod makes you as happy as The Good Cat.

Posted by: Nik at February 2, 2009 3:49 PM

Girl W/ the Dragon Tattoo oh so YES!!! it was a great read and the first movie is out now in Europe with plans for an (undoubtedly)craptastic American remake in the works.

Caedmon put out a Dorothy Parker audio collection a few years ago, highly recommended. oh, and World War Z -- especially as it's multivoiced.

Posted by: debra at February 2, 2009 4:52 PM

I was bummed because the shuffle doesn't come in purple. I wound up with a green one.

Ironically, I don't like the ear buds because they are too small. They fall out of my ears when I turn my head. Gah. And yet, I have a pair of Sony earbuds that are shaped like teardrops and if I wear them too long my whole ear starts to hurt because they are too large. (I must have been Goldilocks in a former life.)

FYI, you can supposedly set an upper limit on listening volume at least on the Shuffle, although I am not sure how.

Posted by: firefly at February 2, 2009 5:30 PM

You didn't mention what you NAMED your ipod. Can't talk about getting one without introducing it properly.

My first 30 gig video was Lucy. she was fun and pretty in a green iskin case. She was run over in a parking garage after many $8 beerses at a hockey game. poor lucy.

Natalie quickly followed. She's been a capable, careful little cadet in crisp white for so long I'm afraid to sync her - terrified that some software weirdness will make TODAY be the day the music died.

My daughter's flashy blue nano is Sarah. she is a free spirit. Has a bright, cheerful wardrobe, but mostly travels nekkid. She stays missing for weeks before turning up again with a dead battery and sticky smears like nothing was ever the matter.

the mansy has his Beau. Beau is just like natalie, except he wears licensed sport team skins. He is an odd creature, belching hyperactive noise into the face of the mansy.

Beau and Natalie do not talk.

Posted by: Dianna at February 2, 2009 10:47 PM

Yes... I lost my better half to an iPhone - he is now like one of those old timey news reels of a person whose identity is to be protected... so a black box hovers over their face during the film playback. That is iP(hone or od)addiction for you.

I am happy you love the device for what is on the outside (an orange cheerful package) and for the oration of the story it provides (in British at times) and do not get sucked into the mind draining vortex that resides inside an iPhone - stick with your guns!

Beware the earbuds - many a car has nearly made me roadkill on my bicycle because they make all sounds seem like they are part of the MP3 whether it should have car noises or not - somehow digital noice blends reality. And since you have given Thalia a voice - you would be shocked how often she speaks inside my head now! So beware your audio books too! ; 0

Just wonderin' too- can you request a person with a British accent when you use the magic Onstar service?? Now THAT would be Loverly.

Posted by: bowdawg at February 2, 2009 10:51 PM

I can't wait to read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. (The original Swedish title translates to "Men Who Hate Women.)
The man who wrote it lived near where my father lives in northern Sweden. Nearly a year after his death, my dad tells me there will be occasional newspaper headlines chronicling the events (drama) as his continues to be contested!

Also, I like the ear buds BECAUSE I can't hear the rest of the word, if just for a little while :)

Posted by: Stephanie at February 3, 2009 7:48 AM


Also, I love the Orange! LOVE!

Posted by: Stephanie at February 3, 2009 7:50 AM

*as his will continues to be contested*

(Maybe I should not comment so early in the morning, before coffee...)

Posted by: Stephanie at February 3, 2009 7:52 AM

I don't have an I-Pod, but do like Playaways from the Library with books preloaded. By the same token I just got tagged with the Seven Things Meme which I did......so I'll consider myself an underachiever in the meme world. Enjoyed reading yours!

Posted by: Crunchy at February 8, 2009 4:39 PM