September 3, 2008

The Pinkest of All Pink Mailing Lists

I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN! I have not. There WILL be a mailing list.
Secretly? Between you and me, O Best of all POSSIBLE Beloveds?

There already IS one. Shhhh.

Scott made it out of tape and black magic your e-mail addresses. (Duct Tape, he clarifies. Because he is a staunch convert to the First Church of With Duct Tape, I Can Do Anything.)

ANYWAY, the reason I am PRETENDING to have no mailing list yet is that I still have PRIZES to list, and with the CRAZED TRAVEL of the last bit of August, I did not have time to do that.

The Decatur Book Fest was INSANE – I had ZERO time to put up prizes. This is because there is a word I cannot say. The word starts with N and ends in an O and rhymes with the GO part of Amy-Go. ALSO, I LOVE the Decatur Book Fest, it is one of the highlights of my year, so whenever ANYONE from the DBF called and asked me to do ANYTHING, I said the opposite word, which is “OH YAR YAR I WOULD LOVE TO!”

SO that weekend, I did four introductions, two panels, and talked about The Girl Who Stopped Swimming to a standing room only crowd in the old courthouse, and by the end I was HAPPY but EXHAUSTED. The courthouse TGWSS thing was my favorite part, because I had talked about the book in three or four venues in Decatur before, so I did not tell the stories I have become used to telling while on tour.

Instead, I showedthe quilt and read what is perhaps my favorite little snip to read aloud (Uncle Poot’s ghostly detached polka FOOT) and then I talked about where books come from. (“Sometimes, when a mildly deranged person and a ream of paper love each other VERY, VERY, MUCH…)

Mir watched me haring off from one venue to another, wild eyed and sweaty in the 98 degree windless heat, even leaving one panel in the middle because I had another scheduled so that it overlapped, and she shook her head. Her husband, Otto, made me some FLASHCARDS. Ten of them. Each Flashcard had a SINGLE two letter word in the center, all printed up neatly in different fonts. It was that WORD. The N word. No, not THAT N word. The SHORT one. The one I cannot say.

Mir held the flashcards up for me, and I tried to practice…

Me: Read what’s on that card?
Mir: Yes.
Me: Does it say…. ON?
Mir: No. *shows me the next card*
Me: …On?
Mir: No. *shows me the next card*
Me: …On???
Mir: No. *Shows me the next card*
Me: Turning head to peer at the card SIDEWAYS* … Oz????
Mir: NO.

I never quite got the hang of saying that word, but I LUCKILY I am passive aggressive and can get out of things I truly do not want to do by simply not showing up. *grin*


But I digress.

SO! I am going to list a PRIZE every day – EVERY DAY I TELL YOU- (and by this I clearly mean ALMOST every day, or, more specifically “every day that I actually BLOG”) until they are ALL UP, and then I will do the drawing. I will not announce the winners HERE on FTK. I will, instead, send out an E-MAIL to the mailing list telling you the winners. It will be the inaugural test launch e-mail, and then my mailing list – assuming it works – shall not trouble you again until TGWSS comes out in paperback next summer.

You BB’s know that I am a HUGE Frank Turner Hollon fan, and that I do not and cannot and will not EVER understand why he is not as well known as Philip Roth or Robert Penn Warren. Perhaps because lives in a hollow tree in the wilds of Alabama and is an agoraphobic and possibly feral cannibal. It is hard to be feral AND agoraphobic and still capture enough people to sustain a cannibal life, but he manages, Best Beloveds, he manages. He is my favorite.

I RISKED LIFE AND LIMB to get a signed copy of his latest book:


You can buy it here or at your favorite local bookstore or at other venues online.

I got it at a rare public appearance he did at Lemuria. He was, of course, safely chained to a gurney with the Hannibal Lector hockey mask on, so his sig is a little hard to read. But it is his. This particular book may well be his best yet. And this is the guy who wrote THE GOD FILE and A THIN DIFFERENCE, so that is SAYING something.

You enter by signing up for the mailing list. You sign up for the mailing list by clicking this link which allows you to send an EMAIL to “Mailing List at Joshilyn Jackson dot com.”

(OH! Hey! SPEAKING of pink socks – remember the FAQ? Heh. Me neither.)

Posted by joshilyn at September 3, 2008 7:08 AM

Oh wow. I'd forgotten that you actually HAD the quilt when I was reading TGWSS, or I'd so have had the pictures up while reading that passage. Thanks so much for illustrating the passage with the pictures rather than just posting one picture. I love that kind of thing. As for the mailing list, I believe you. As for actually seeing it put into action? Wellllll..... the uncertainty of that is one of the charms of your blog. :)

Posted by: Deborah P at September 3, 2008 9:49 AM

Yay! More book prizes. And I do agree with Scott that duct tape can fix anything. The summer after I graduated high school, my sister Laura and I were in a community theatre production of FAME. I'm gonna learn how to fly - high! Anyway, the entire freaking set was held together with duct tape and one night the actress playing the drama teacher even ad-libbed about it after part of the set almost fell apart. SO. Duct tape is the awesome.

Posted by: Aimee at September 3, 2008 10:45 AM
Just in case this link takes you somewhere else (this seems to happen sometimes) it was March 2, 2007. (re an FAQs page)
You inquired, and I, for one, think it's a great idea. So I vote emphatically for Yes, Please.

Posted by: Elizabeth J at September 3, 2008 11:08 AM

You were WONDERFUL at the DBF! I was in the courthouse early to see and listen to you explain where stories come from. You are a true southern storyteller, with great skill in combining humor with beautiful, touching moments, as when you recounted the connection between your grandmother's hands and your own.

Sadly, you were upstaged slightly by a woman I sat next to in the following session. We were discussing that amazing quilt and its unique features, when I noticed a lovely silver ring, which she told me, was fashioned by an artist in south Georgia--who crafted it to resemble the bone in a raccoon's penis, the only animal that actually has a bone in its member. "Did you know that?" she asked.

'Deed, I didn't. Amazing the things one learns at Book Festivals!

Hope to catch you again in Oct. when you come to Macon State.

Posted by: aiken at September 3, 2008 1:51 PM

I agree-the Decatur Book Festival gets better every year. Now if they could just get a bigger venue that the library's conference room to use as one of the gathering places-it's always oversubscribed. That "black box" theatre training was in evidence during your courthouse presentation but you had the crowd eating you up. Can't wait to see what novel four and "Arelene's adventures" are like....

Posted by: Bridget at September 3, 2008 5:43 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed the DBF - my first time there! However I couldn't say that word to my kids and spent the vast majority of the day by the Target Kids area. Which was fabulous enough in itself, but by afternoon when we were all hot and getting a little irritable with each other, I really wanted to sneak away and hear you speak at the Courthouse - only to get there and be turned away because it was full! I blamed it on listening to whining for too long. And now to hear others say how wonderful you were is just like twisting the knife in the wound... sigh. Hope you will let us know where you are speaking next, so maybe I can be better prepared.

And congrats on such a great turn-out, by the way! Awesome.

Posted by: Carol at September 4, 2008 12:24 AM

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