August 12, 2008

Vertical Death March

ALERT READER Melanie W. has informed me that on August 16th, BETWEENFEST is happening. Yes, the town that is the (HIGHLY fictionalized) setting of my second novel (Fittingly titled BETWEEN, GEORGIA) is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its incorporation. GAH! OH how I wish they had invited me! RATCAKES! RATCAKES! They will have a pet show and a martial arts demo and a singer and suchlike, but not me. *Snivel.*

Ah well, I did, fictionally speaking, burn a goodly chunk of the town up and make their Methodist church be Baptist. Can’t blame them, really...

SO, assuming you did not hit your head really hard last night, you may recall from way way back in YESTERDAY that August is SIGN UP FOR THE MAILING LIST AGAIN AND BE ENTERED IN A DRAWING FOR COOL PRIZES month. All you have to do is Send an EMAIL to “Mailing List at Joshilyn Jackson dot com” by clicking this link. I’ll be showing you all the prizes as the month moves along, the drawing will happen in September.

The first name out of the hat wins a signed(!) trade paper back copy of the poppin’ fresh New York Times Bestseller Sin in the Second City by Karen Abbott.


Karen is in my writing group, so I had the intense pleasure of reading this narrative non-fiction account of the rise of the world’s most famous brothel in turn-of-the-century Chicago as it was being written. I have long thought Karen is so talented she was like BOMB with a free side of diggetty, I am happy to report everyone from the NEW YORK TIMES (who called it “a lush love letter to the underworld”) to USA TODAY agrees with me.

Last Weekend, Karen and I went to the DAHLONEGA LIT FEST. It is SO cute up there, with nifty little antique stores and cafes and fun family things to do. I plan to go back with the kids so they can PAN FOR GOLD and also see the KANGAROO CONSERVATORY which conserves Kangaroos. (hee). A LOT happened in Dahlonega, so expect this to come in PARTS and sock me no pink socks.

Now, you know Karen and I can’t MANAGE without regular infusions of our drug of choice, which is heroin. No, wait, I mean, ENDORPHINS. BUT, given that we were staying at a bed and breakfast (DARLING, but of course no gym) and given that it was a pretty INTENSE lit fest where we each had a scheduled event about every 90 minutes, it might have been EASIER to score heroin.

The first day, nothing began until noon, so THAT was fine. No gym? No problem: we were staying right on a mountain. Mountains are a landscape feature that is built JUST like a lumpy stairmaster for our butt-toning pleasures. Now, I DO go outside a lot because that is where they keep things like deers and weasels and lizards and I LOVE to see these things…but neither Karen or I cares a fig about heartrendingly gorgeous vistas or sunrises or trees or sweeping cloud filled cerulean skies or, you know, non-animal infested NATURE of ANY sort. We weren’t going out there to LOOK at stuff. Basically, we just wanted to get our sweat on.

SO we waited until 8 am, an hour we thought would be BEFORE the Georgia day realized it was August and became sweltering, and AFTER the night-bears stopped rending people in twain. We grabbed a map that showed us several NATURE WALKS and headed out. We marched SUPERFAST along a gently sloping, wide, level trail, looked at a waterfall, said, “Yep, that’s a waterfall,” in dispassionate tones, then hiked home. Good endorphins = Good day.

THE NEXT DAY, however, we had to be someplace every other hour from 9 am all the way til late afternoon when we were driving home. We could not see a space in there for a workout. SO, being mentally, ill, we decided to risk the rending-in-twain night bears and get up at 5 am and hike. AND instead of going back to look at our waterfall on a road we knew was clear and wide and not infested with packs of wild dogs or an overabundance of snake holes or chainsaw wielding raper-killers, we decided walk a nearby piece of the Appalachian trail.

I blame Karen, because Karen writes narrative non-fic and the Appalachian trail is like a piece of history that you can walk on. A DIRTY piece of history. As you will learn should you win her book, dirty history is her very favorite kind.

Our course was set…More tomorrow.

Posted by joshilyn at August 12, 2008 7:07 AM
Comments did at least wear pink socks to hike in, didn't you?
Thank God I read your blog from the beginning before I lost my lovely illicit internet access at work; now I have trained all my friends so that when someone enters into the beginning of a loooong tale we all roll our eyes and start mumbling about how there'd better be some pink socks in here somewhere, hehehe.

Posted by: Elena at August 12, 2008 8:00 AM

Gah! It's another FTK cliffhanger. You are *very* good at that, indeed.

Posted by: Aimee at August 12, 2008 10:20 AM

Oh - that's just FINE!!! Post a cliff-hanger.... see if we care! POOHEY

Posted by: Becky at August 12, 2008 11:28 AM

HEE! It is not on purpose -- I only had 20 minutes to blog today. RIght now I am sitting in a coffee house SUPPOSEDLY revising 3 chaps so I can go on with drafting come the weekend, but instead I am relentlessly checkin comments and e-mail and other people;'s blogs and facebook wishing I had a HUUUUUUUGE salad with chicken and avocado and cilantro and black beans in it.

I am OBSCENELY happy it is named BETWEENFEST.

Posted by: Joshilyn at August 12, 2008 11:43 AM

Might I suggest that you offer your services for Betweenfest? Might I suggest that you are such a bright, blazing, talented star that they thought you might not deign to render yourself earth-bound to atted Betweenfest. . .or that you were busy hiking. . .or organizing your pink socks? Call them up. Get on the list or AT LEAST get them to send you a free t-shirt.

Posted by: Roxanne at August 12, 2008 11:51 AM

Bears I can deal with, but snakes? no snakes. Weasles yes, I've married my share, but no snakes.

Posted by: Cele at August 12, 2008 12:21 PM

This gives me another wonderful thing to share at my bookclub on Monday (we are reading Between) along with your site and the pictures of Nonny's fox doll! If only I lived closer - I'd go in a heartbeat!

Posted by: Rikki at August 12, 2008 12:29 PM

I just have to tell you that whenever I am feeling down, or up, or side-to-side or no mater what I can always rely on you and FTK to help me relax, smile, actually laugh out loud etc.
Just wanted to say thanks for that and your books too

Posted by: gillian at August 12, 2008 7:57 PM

And before you go out on the Appalachian Trail again, you should read Michelle Gagnon's "Boneyard" and you won't. Scary.

But if you're looking for offbeat prizes for your contest, I can send you a signed copy of Sarah Katherine Lewis's book, "Sex and Bacon", which is definitely for people over 21 because she is a former sex-worker here in Seattle who has written about a slice of her life, but she talks about FOOD like you wouldn't believe!

And I think you should just SHOW UP at Betweenfest and steal all their thunder!

Posted by: Fran at August 13, 2008 12:07 AM


Posted by: Nik at August 13, 2008 1:35 AM