November 7, 2007

3 Q with Jackie Kessler

As you may recall, I am reading the audio version of TGWSS this week. I am WIPED. WIPED. You wouldn't think sitting in a box for 5 or 6 hours and making the mouthy yip-yap would be so different from a long afternoon in a coffeehouse, but I came home and went to bed at 7 pm last night. I just woke up. SO! Apparently it IS different. I'm drinking that tea that tastes like it was made out of dried monkey butts and sulpher to protect my throat, and listening to the audio version of THE KITE RUNNER on my 90 minute to-and-fros to the studio to foster a huge inferiority complex. SO ALL IS GOOD HERE.

Today Jackie Kessler is in charge of FTK. Maybe tomorrow, Pat Conroy. Sort of. *grin* Jacki's new book, THE ROAD TO HELL hit shelves yesterday -- it's so fresh the red paint is still wet --- and she's doing a neat promo thing on her blog. You could win an ipod---details in the interview.


Publisher's Weekly says, "Kessler's raunchy blend of heaven, hell and eros makes for a wild thrill ride, and hot, tough-talking Jesse has gumption and sass." Want to know more? Jackie has made a BOOK TRAILER ---and you know, this is one of the best ones I have seen. It gives a really clear idea of what the book is about, tells you just enough, and uses a combo of images and music that sets tone so you know at once if this is your kind of thing. You can see it here.

JJ: How did you research stripping? Books and google? or did you have to
experience stripping to be able to write about it?

JK: Contrary to popular belief, I did not work my way through college by
stripping at a local gentlemen's club. I read tons of books, written by and
about exotic dancers. I watched STRIPTEASE (and fast forwarded to the dance
scenes). I watched HBO's G-STRING DIVAS. And I visited a strip club and took
notes. My Loving Husband, who completely supports my research, accompanied
me. (But he politely refused my offer of me buying him a lap dance.)

JJ: So, you've weathered the release of your debut novel with grace and
aplomb---How is the publication of a second novel different?

JK: More stress!

Actually, I did a lot more promotion for the second book -- I launched an
entire campaign to encourage people to Hit the ROAD. (Plug! Plug! Check out
my website for details...and you could win an iPod Nano!)
Have I mentioned
that I'm learning the subtle art of bribery?

JJ: Your book is shelved in romance, but it has elements of urban fantasy. can
you explain how having a sort of hybrid of genres helped or hurt you as you
tried to market your book?

JK: It was a surprise to me that my novel was bought and marketed as a
paranormal romance; I'd written it as an urban fantasy. So I had to learn a
lot about the romance genre and market -- and I was thrilled to discover
just how passionate and loyal romance readers are. They are also more
inclined, generally speaking, to read urban fantasy novels than fantasy
readers are to read romance novels. So the battle for me is convincing
devoted urban fantasy readers to take a chance on a book with the word
"romance" on the spine.

Posted by joshilyn at November 7, 2007 6:49 AM

That was a good trailer! I have a copy of Hell's Belles sitting right over there <--- in my TBR pile. I guess I need to move it to the top so I'm all ready for the sequel!

Posted by: DebR at November 7, 2007 8:56 AM

Wow. Nice work on the trailer- and website. I can definitely see a market for this.

Posted by: linda at November 7, 2007 9:12 AM

At the end of a four hour Onair Shift I am ready for four hours of not talking. After a double shift onair I am brain dead. You go girl.

Try some Hall's Breezers they help soothe your throat. I always have a bag or two in my desk.

Posted by: Cele at November 7, 2007 12:08 PM

Reminds me of when I worked at a library and was in charge of buying the Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror . . . but sometimes I hated labeling them that way, because it scares off so many potential readers. So many were really cross-genre stuff, like a mystery novel (that happens to have vampires) or the romance (that happens to have succubi), in this case.

Posted by: Brigitte at November 8, 2007 5:44 AM