May 24, 2007

3Q with Becky Motew! (more contest entries below)

Today my guest is (the very funny) Becky Motew, here to talk about her new novel, COUPON GIRL

Booklist says, “Welcome to the not so glamorous but often hilarious worlds of mail-order marketing and community theater...Motew writes about every day life: work, family, relationships...there's plenty to love about this quirky novel.”

JJ: What do you think of your cover, and how does it compare to the cover you imagined when you were writing the book?


BM: I love the cover of CG. I had no idea what to expect. Because the book is half about coupons and half about theatre, specifically The Sound of Music, I had been sort of picturing a chorus line of nuns. Or something from a play. But with the title, that wouldn’t have worked. The cover I have is very Thelma and Louise, except the girl is by herself, so I guess it’s very Thelma. A girl is going someplace by herself and having a good time getting there. I LOVE that message.

JJ: I know you blog yourself over at COUPONS FROM THE EDGE. Why do you blog and does it feed you or take energy from you?

BM: It does both sometimes. I use it as practice. It’s open mike night for me. I try things out and see how they sound. Also, now that I have my digital camera, it’s way fun to show pictures from the inside of my kitchen cabinet and the high school track where I walk and personal things like that. I’m an instructor at two colleges and recently I photographed some of my students for the blog. They loved it.

Tell us about your experiences in community theatre, ya big secret actress, and how that helped you write the book.

Jeanie, my character, is a chorus member, though, and in real life I was fortunate to get lead parts . Well, secondary lead parts—the comic role, you know, the sidekick. That was me. Ado Annie, Rosalie, Miss Hannigan. But I had my share of stage romances, drama off the set, and cast parties that lasted two days.

Once in the early years, I was helping the house manager set up coffee and cookies in the lobby with another woman, who said she was in the Garden Club. My friend and I said oh, we should join that so we could get away from group politics. The lady looked very seriously at us and said, “Listen. If you’re trying to avoid politics, don’t join the Garden Club.”
I never did.


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