December 27, 2006

Bunny Meme the 1nth

I have made up FOUR prize packages. If I end up doing five, I’ll make up a fifth. They are all in identical envelopes. I have no idea which has what at this point, so it will go like this: If you win,you send me a snail address (U.S. I hope to the Good Lord, as stupid customs forms demand to know the content…) and then I paste your address on a random one. Probably all get mailed at once, next year, when we are done Bunny Blogging and have a real life again. Which happens January second. So I am told.

RULES clarification: Scott put all the suggested Memes in a word doc for me. To WIN, you have to have either pasted a meme DIRECTLY OR a pasted a specific url to a specific meme. Multiple Urls to multiple specific Memes are fine. ONE url to a PAGE full of memes does not count unless you say which meme you mean ON that page. This was YOU sharing memes you actively LIKED…

If the below is YOUR MEME, send me a snail addy.

The name of your first friend?

Susan. I have a picture of half her face I took with my first camera. She is the first friend I RILLY RILLY remember. Her parents had a pool table and it had a cover and that was our fort. We played Barbie’s under there. She told me what French kissing was under there and I thought I had never heard anything more disgusting in my WHOLE life.

The last book you read?

Something Blue Only Emily Giffen book I hadn’t read yet. My husband gave me a signed copy of her latest---Baby Proof---for Christmas, and I liked it so much I had to go back and read this one.

The setting of your first date?

A school fair.
You can read about it here. It was…double plus ungood. I count it because he asked me to meet him there and because I don’t remember my first car date.

The last time you cried? Yesterday, 10 AM.

The first movie you remember seeing in a theatre?

I vaguely remember that I saw a Benji movie. I don’t remember seeing it, but I remember fighting with my brother because he though Benji was dumb and wanted to see Space and Explosions. I remember the sweet feeling of WINNING the fight and marching triumphantly to see the movie I had chosen. I don’t think I won an argument with my brother ever before that moment. And possibly not ever since…

The first movie I REALLY remember SITTING IN A THEATRE AND WATCHING was CONAN THE BARBARIAN. I was twelve or thirteen, and we bought tickets to some cheerful PG pap and then all SNUCK into big-fat-R-rated Conan with realistic violence and graphic-ish sex with a witch in a tent.

It was a pretty BOLD move for me. I was a GOOD kid, you know? I was not a sneak-er out-er or a drinker or a rebel. I sat through the first third absolutely certain I would vomit into my popcorn bucket the very moment I felt the cold clamping paw of the MOVIE POLICE on my shoulder, felt hot cop breath on my neck (but not the GOOD way) and heard a brassy, loud demand to see some ID. My parents would be called. I would be grounded until I was deaddeaddead.

Then the Sex with a Witch in a Tent scene came on and my jaw dropped so far I banged my chin on the floor and forgot the police. I still have a moderately gross crush on Der Arnold-as-Conan to this day.

The last book you gave as a gift?

I gave a signed first edition of Lee Smith’s On Agate Hill to my mother in law. It’s super great and Lee Smith is SUPER, SUPER great.

The first concert you ever attended?

Indigo Girls at the Pub in Little Five points.
I had to get a fake I.D. to get in. I got a fake I.D. specifically to get in.
By the way – last Concert I ever attended? Indigo Girls Benefit concert in Decatur a couple months ago at the Decatur Festival of the Book.

All concerts I went to in between these concerts? About 35 counting bar bands, and of that 35, 30 of them were the Indigo Girls and the other five I had friends playing.

The last band (or solo artist) you gave up on? (You tried to like ‘em … you just couldn’t.)

Mostly the bands that play the songs. I don’t really like songs. ‘Cept Indigo Girls.

Your first job (aside from babysitting)?

I WAS A PUPPETEER!!!! No, really! A PUPPETEER! I did marionette shows in the mall and parents could leave their kids at the puppet theatre for 45 minutes.

The last job you hated?

When I dropped out of the third college I went to---heh---I got a miserable office job as, like, some sort of paper slave thing who SORTED and FILED alone in a little room for 6 dollars an hour. After a year of paper-slaving, I went BACK to school and graduated with honors. Never made a grade lower than a B after that year. Never never never wanted that job again.

The name of your first celebrity crush? Leanard Nimoy.

The name of your last celebrity crush? Johnny Depp. AND DO NOT say my taste has improved because I STILL contend that SPOCK IS HOT.

The first book that made you think, “Man! No matter how well I write, I could never in a million years have written that book?”

The Secret History

Unabashedly loved it and still do. It was a turning point in a way because HAVING that feeling about a book made me realize I WANTED to try to write books. I was still writing plays back then.

Last words. Aside from name and dates, pick THREE words to go on your tombstone.

Don’t plan on having one. According to my will, I’m to be cremated.
I want to my children to know their mother was a good person, happy, who loved well and was loved, and I want all these things for them, too.

That’ll do, pig.

Posted by joshilyn at December 27, 2006 6:25 AM


It's my meme.

*goggles slack-jawed*

Yay again!

Posted by: Monique at December 27, 2006 9:47 AM

I love survey thingies like this 'cause even if I don't respond or fill them out, I have to answer all the questions in my head anyway, and it does bring back some wonderful (and some not-so-wonderful) memories. And it makes me think. So they're good fun no matter what! Congratulations, Monique!

Posted by: Fran at December 27, 2006 12:29 PM


I adore "The Secret History" too.

Every time I read "One Hundred Years of Solitude," I wish I could write like Marquez. Just not in Spanish.

Posted by: Edgy Mama at December 27, 2006 1:17 PM

better make sure it's not just in your will, but that folks who will be in charge know and agree. it would be pretty funny if you're all in the ground and stuff and they have the big reading of the will a few weeks later and see, "I wish to be cremated."........whoopsie.

Posted by: dramamama at December 27, 2006 2:52 PM

GREETINGS. Hey. I am still in Wisconsin. Phone spotty, internet spottier. Can't get my email or cingular service anywhere near the house. Did you get my email from Dan's PDA? Also, if you go to the Moblog right now, and scroll down a few bits, you will see A PICTURE OF PINK! Yes pink pink the Athenian House of Pancake Love!!!!! It is still there, we ate lunch there on the way up here and they are EXACTLY THE SAME including the kindly and statuesque Greek lady that always was there running it. I had a feta cheese omelette that was absolutely enormous and also overcooked. Even the toast was the same -- FREAKY. It was weird being back there. Anyway, go look at the picture... OH and if you scroll down FAR, past where the page cuts off, so I guess you'd have to look in the archive for December, around December 22, you can see a picture of my old apartment, where we had "TARA" and they are making it into seriously pricey condos. That whole neighborhood is turning cute and "Ned's" is gone, also all those scary establishments between anywhere and the train.

Love, ME

Posted by: Lydia at December 27, 2006 6:18 PM

I have NO clue if I won.. I am confused by this... s'cuse me don't shoot me though... k?

I respectfully, for the sake of our dollar-exchange, bow out of the contest... I would not sleep, if Joshilyn had to pay almost a twenty to send me her prize IF I won, which I don't know, as I'm confused, and at a temporary vortex-laden enigmatic state of Hilton- dyed-blonde-kinda-dumb witted, AND post christmas exhaustion has set in like with a vengence from some hidden past sin from spending too much on all the thrills and frills... of 50 christmas's past.... burp(s'cuse)

I mailed 12 of my greeting cards to The Netherlands, from Ontario Canada---cost me almost 30 dollars(choke) and then supplies to make them, off the hundred sent to me, was about 27 dollars. I made about 43 dollars out of a 100 dollars order... ugggh... hey, don't feel sorry for the purchaser, feel sorry for the "maker"... I"m legally disabled!! and it sure ain't easy.. LOL(wry smile..of a triumphant spirit)...

sOOo, I hear ya.. and I cheerfully bow I said.. IF i won, I'd have to be konked over the head, forced to look at the screen, be sent an EM, a 911, and at 24/7 intervals, perhaps even for the 12 x 12 equally 365!!.... I dunno, could be turkey-gas too... (eek, giggles.)

with loving kindness,

Posted by: North at December 27, 2006 9:02 PM

The Secret History IS a wonderful book. However, her SECOND book, which did not come out for years and years and years, was so forgettable that A) I cannot remember the title and B) I did not even FINISH it because I was not into it enough. Your second book, on the other hand, IS A WORK OF GENIUS. I laughed, I cried, Siskel and Ebert gave it 2 thumbs and ORDERED people to get thou to a movie theatre and see it (ummm, metaphorically. Get thou to a bookstore and read it, more like.) I listened to you read the book on tape on my 1400 mile Thanksgiving Journey and IT WAS WONDERFUL. The way you had every voice so distinct, from Henry's bass Creole Southern slur to the child's slightly fretful, completely stubborn (((insert word here I cannot think of))) I could so tell that you had been an actress and practically reek of The Theatuh.
And now to heap some praise on Lee Smith--I heard her read from Fair and Tender Ladies when I was a junior in high school, the scene where the girls were drying their hair in front of the fire and also the scene where she sees the rural electrification. Her reading brought those scenes to life for me when I was so young that I wasn't able to appreciate the depth of her writing.

Posted by: Elena at December 28, 2006 8:20 AM