December 8, 2006

3 Questions: Lola Douglas

Guys – I have to LEAP into my car and head to Alabama nowrightnow, so I am turning the blog over to Lola Douglas today. I wish MY name was Lola.

She writes a YA series about Morgan Carter, a has-been-at-16 starlet whose mom gives her a make-under and moves her to the Midwest to live a normal life after a near overdose outside LA's Viper Room.

True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet is the first book in the series, and this November, the sequel,
More Confessions was released.


Kirkus says, The continuing travails of 17-year-old Morgan … come across with delightful zing, yet address serious subjects. … Douglas manages the lightest of styles while delving into deep issues for adolescents. Fun, breezy entertainment with thoughtful undertones.

Heeeeeeere’s LOLA!

JJ: What writers influenced your work and how and why?

LD: I’m not sure I’d even know where to begin! I definitely think my writing voice first emerged from reading countless teen magazines, watching tons of television, and devouring book after book. This would be when I was a teen myself. Then, over the years, I got into writing scripts and screenplays, and of course I journaled (definitely prep for the Starlet series!). I think I’m kind of a sponge – I’m influenced by just about everyone and everything. If I had to pin-point a single author, though, I’d definitely say reading Meg Cabot inspired me to want to write a diary-format book.

JJ: How did you research the life of a starlet? Books and Google?

LD: I’ve had a subscription to Entertainment Weekly since its inception, and before that I used to read Premiere. My fascination with Drew Barrymore is well documented, and of course I can’t get enough A&E Biography, Inside the Actor’s Studio, and E! True Hollywood Story. Google comes in handy when I’m looking for specific details, like what kind of sundresses Marc Jacobs did in the summer 2003 collection, but a lot of it is … well … made up. I mean, I’d worked in Fort Wayne, Indiana, so a lot of that came from my time there. But seriously? Even if I’d had Lindsay Lohan whispering in my ear, I’d still have to make stuff up. Because that’s what being a novelist is: making stuff up.

JJ:Tell us about your fascination with Drew Barrymore.

LD: It probably started with ET, which I saw in the theater something like seven times. I even had an ET-themed birthday skating party in third grade. But there's this movie she did in the 1980s - IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES - about a kid who gets caught between the divorce of her super selfish parents. She decides, in turn, to divorce them. I really connected with that movie. To this day, I still bawl like a baby over the closing credits.

Anyway, Miss Barrymore and I are around the same age, so when she went into rehab as a teen, it affected me in a personal way. Kind of how I felt when River Phoenix OD'd my freshman year in college. I read Drew's autobiography, LITTLE GIRL LOST, when it came out, and discovered we had a lot in common in terms of our relationships to our real-life parents. I've always felt like she's kind of a spirit sister. Watching her career evolve - her comeback via playing Amy Fisher and starring in POISON IVY to forming her own production company and climbing her way to the top of the date movie ladder - there's just something so inspiring about how she keeps reinventing herself, and how she's such a survivor.


Posted by joshilyn at December 8, 2006 8:47 AM

Fortifying thoughts are being zapped to you right now as you travel to Alabama, Joss. Drive safe, and know that we're all thinking of you and sending you strength and love right now.

Posted by: dee at December 8, 2006 12:54 PM

Oh, yeah, and thanks for the heads up on this book. I'm heading out to one of those huge book stores today, since we don't have a cute, indie one in our immediate area, and I will search for this for my 14yo. She informed me that she was going to read gIA very soon, because she wants to see why I buy and give it to everyone I know. Mwahhahahaa, my plan on converting the masses to your writing is slowly taking shape. I'm giving out 3 copies of gIA and 4 of B,G for Christmas this year!

Posted by: dee at December 8, 2006 12:57 PM

OMG! This may cheer you up

You are, okay Between, Georgia is, #1 on Diane's list of favorite books she reviewed this year over on Thrasionista! She has wonderful taste, wouldn't you agree!

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Ahem. I mean, Trashionista - I really need to start re-reading these comments before I post.

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this is a great blog

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