November 2, 2006

(more than) 3 Questions with Laurie Stolarz

OH MY BEST BELOVEDS --- I am hip deep in TGWSS this week and neglecting you like a sorry scumbag. I haven’t anything to blog about ANYWAY. If I were to tell you about my days this week (and I believe you should thank me for NOT telling you, but If I DID) it would look something like this:

“SO yesterday, I sat in my office, and I have these little BUTTONS, you know, like, with LETTERS on them, and when I press them REALLY REALLY FAST using only two fingers on my RIGHT hand and the NAUGHTY BIRDY finger from my left, the WEIRDEST thing happens. A NOVEL comes out! A novel with REALLY A LOT OF TYPOS. Fancy!”

Apparently there is some MEME called love Thursday that happens every Thursday and you are supposed to blog about love. Okay. For example, Mir got engaged, so she cleverly waited until Thursday to tell you, when it would be TOPICAL. GRATZ! Me and my LETTER BUTTONS, alone together, have no such momentous love-drenched news, so I can only say this for Love Thursday: I heart me some copy editors. All of them. Everywhere. You are a blessing upon the earth, long may you live and thrive.

Things I Do NOT heart:
Snooty touch typists who make it look effortless.

But I do like BOX SETS. -Warning! Segue spotted off the port bow!

Laurie Faria Stolarz writes YA---she’s got a box set of her colorfully titled and widely popular series about Stacey Brown, a typical teenager who worries about getting good grades and falling in love, but who also happens to be a hereditary witch who is blessed-or cursed-with a gift for prophetic dreams. Just in time for Christmas! But today she is here to talk about her new book, Bleed.

School Library Journal says BLEED is “…a funny, yet poignant book of interconnecting short stories in which the lives of 10 teenagers are seamlessly woven together….The author demonstrates the ability to identify with today’s teen experience…”


JJ: Can you talk a little about the significance of your title and how you came up with it?

LS: There is blood in each of the stories – sometimes literally and sometimes metaphorically – but, also, there’s a bleeding effect overall. The novel is made up of ten individual stories, ten different points of view, and the consequence of each character’s actions “bleeds” into the lives of all the other characters.

JJ: A lot of writers read this blog----how did you find an agent?
LS: I found a book that I thought was comparable to mine in terms of audience, marketability, genre, and manner of storytelling, and I sent a query to that author’s agent.

JJ: What's a day in your life like?

LS: I have a toddler so you’ll often find me at one of his favorite parks, playing baseball, soccer, or drawing with chalk. I also love to cook (particularly vegetarian cuisine) and he often helps me. I’m big into yoga and Pilates, so I practice everyday. And, oh yeah, I’m a writer, too, so I’m constantly at the computer working on my current project.

Jj: I know you are a blogger, too. Why do you blog and does it feed you or take energy from you?

LS: I blog to keep in touch with my readers. I’m fortunate to receive between 50 and 100 e-mails from readers each week (mostly readers dedicated to my Blue is for Nightmares series). I blog to keep in touch with them (in addition to answering their e-mails). It does take a lot of energy and I often don’t know what to write about – playing at the park with my son or doing four loads of laundry doesn’t seem exciting enough to report to teens.


Posted by joshilyn at November 2, 2006 8:20 AM

Sheesh, even when I get engaged you can't LEAVE ME A COMMENT (linking me does not excuse you)? Hmph. I am totally going to lick your slice of cake.


Posted by: Mir at November 2, 2006 8:40 AM

Oh, Joss, as a two-forefingers-only typist, I so double heart you for being a hunt-n-peck typist like moi. I now have company in my analog-ous, minimally digit-al methodology. Yay us!

Mir got engaged? And kept it a secret? That little stinker! She pulled a Kira on us. I shall go chide her now.

Box set? Hmm. Oh Santa...(tunefully)

Posted by: David at November 2, 2006 9:01 AM

I *just* (like three days ago) bought that box set! :-)

Posted by: DebR at November 2, 2006 10:30 AM

As a fellow two fingered typist....i don't fluffy heart those whose fingers fly across the keys.
(but my two can move pretty long as the words aren't too long!)

Off to visit Mir and give her congrats!

Posted by: Kim at November 2, 2006 5:28 PM

I didn't realize there was such a wild prejudice against touch typists. *humph*

Don't hate me because I type faster than you do.

Posted by: Aimee at November 3, 2006 10:40 AM

Congrats, Mir. That's wonderful!
I love that your fingers meet those buttons and novels happen. Honestly, I think your fingers and those buttons are just full of fairy magic.
You are good for this world, Joshilyn. We need more of you, and your fingers meeting those buttons.

Posted by: dee at November 4, 2006 2:28 PM

Oh, I adore this blog, and I've only been here fifteen minutes!
Please, I will be here very often.

Posted by: Tharunya at November 5, 2006 9:14 AM

Hello.... My online Blog Bookclub is going to be reading your book Gods in Alabama! Just thought you might be interested in stopping by and saying HI to the gals!


Posted by: Angel at November 5, 2006 10:38 PM