December 6, 2005

Blogging 4 Books!

Blogging 4 Books is LIVE NOW.

I am clinically insane, and this is LATE. Scott returns tonight. Sorry I forgot B4B. I will get better.

Welcome to Blogging 4 Books. The Original Rules and the FAQ are hosted on The Zero Boss, because he made it up.

The short version: You blog on a chosen topic. You post a link to your blog entry in the comments below this entry. B4B closes at MIDNIGHT your time on Wednesday, December 14.

If you have no blog, you write the essay and cut and paste it (no attachments please) into an email to Ann Fitten (the Bloggess behind Edgy Mama) and ask her sweetly to host it for you. She is also this months SPECIAL! GUEST! BLOGGER! She will narrow the entries down to seven.

If you are one of the seven finalists, your entry will be read by author Lara M. Zeises. She will pick first, second and third place. First place gets a signed first edition of her new YA novel, Anyone But You which was a Teen People Top Ten Pick.

If you want to knopw what the book is about...Critter and Jesse have been close to Seattle since her dad moved in with their mother. Closer still since he took off six years ago and Layla decided to raise Sea as one of her own. It’s a decision none of them regrets, especially not Critter. He’s more than a brother–he’s Seattle’s best friend.
Now it’s vacation, and Seattle and Critter are stoop sitters, at least until summer school starts in July. It beats working like Jesse, or worse, studying like Layla wants them to. It’s too hot for Seattle to be on her skateboard–too hot, even, for Critter to be scamming on girls. But Sea comes up with a plan for them to bluff their way into the ritzy swimming pool the next town over. Big mistake.
Soon Critter’s got his heart set on a Penn Acres princess, while Seattle’s trying hard not to fall for a skater boy on the rebound. For the first time in a long while, they can talk to anyone but each other. Then Seattle’s dad shows up unexpectedly, and the way of life Critter and Seattle have always known begins to change even more. . .


And now, THE TOPIC!

In ANYONE BUT YOU, Seattle notes that "family, it turned out, was something you really could choose for yourself." Write about someone you've chosen to be a part of your family (biological, spiritual, vocational, etc.) and what that person has brought to your life.


Posted by joshilyn at December 6, 2005 5:17 PM

Cannot wait to write this!!! Yay! And, an YA book. Perfect!!! I read them for, er, research. ;)

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An older entry, but Stephanie has definitely become my family.

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Here is my B4B entry.

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