May 10, 2005

GCC: Absolutely NO Questions with Martha O'Connor

I started reading The Bitch Posse on a long flight, and was 50 pages from the end when the pilot landed us. I was SO mad. I knew right when I got off the plane I had to go do some media and then hurl my bags into a hotel room and run to a signing and then out to dinner so I would not be able to get back to the book for HOURS. Gahhhhhhhh! I said to my (somewhat literal) seatmate, "WOULD IT HAVE KILLED HIM TO CIRCLE MEMPHIS A COUPLE OF TIMES SO I COULD FINISH THIS BOOK?"

Somewhat Literal Seatmate: Well, yes. Because you see, the air traffic controllers cleared a space and they expect this plane to land right now. It WOULD have killed him. And us.

Me: ....Okay! By the way? You should read this book. *holds up The Bitch Posse*

I am SO pleased that today's GCC tour focuses on Martha O'Connor and her visceral, intense novel about three friends who share a violent history and who are living not WITH the fall-out, but IN it. I am so NOT pleased that I forgot to send Martha my traditional three questions. I am NOT OKAY in my brain pan yet. Really. I slept for eleven hours last night. BUT. YOU KNOW WHAT. I will just send them to her tomorrow and post them next week so I can talk about this book twice. BECAUSE IT DESERVES IT.

This is NOT a book for the faint of heart. It doesn't pull punches and it serves no chicken soup for any type of soul. It's a breathless, burning, shockwave of a read. IT IS ALSO R RATED, so if you are my 14 year old nephew, no clicky-clicky the linky. You got me, kemo sabe? If you are NOT my 14 year old nephew, go give it a little taste and see if it suits you...We'll do three questions with Martha later AND if you have a questiojn you want asked, shoot me an e-mail. I will e her later today and grovel because I was an incompetent and possibly blue-footed booby who didn't get them to her.


MT Blacklist just caught and stopped a spammer whose spiders were posting links to something called BUSINESS FARTS. inner 8 year old boy thinks that is HYSTERICAL and almost wishes that MT Blacklist was a LEETLE less effective.

ALSO, one of my FAVE handsellers has come up with a new marketing strategy for gods in Alabama. He just sent me a letter about it that KILLS me, so I am shamelessly quoting him here:

I also wanted to congratulate you on god's official step into the world of
BEST-SELLER! I have read few books in recent memory that deserve it more.
You have quite a devoted following here at the store, and we're daily
placing it in customers' hands with pitches such as "You're a filthy pig if
you don't read this book."


Posted by joshilyn at May 10, 2005 7:57 AM

LOL- I'm SO using the "filthy pig" line. So far I've limited myself to carrying the book around and holding it up conspicuously (did I spell that right?) so people will say "whatcha reading?" Then I jump on them like a duck on a june-bug and mercilessly plaster them with reasons why they should immediately go to a bookstore and purchase gods. I'm a one-woman ad campaign!!

Posted by: Amy at May 10, 2005 12:12 PM

Well, if I did not already OWn your book, that would certainly make me buy it. I don't ever want to be a filthy pig. LOL!

Posted by: Heather at May 10, 2005 7:04 PM

Have ?'s for Martha! See HER comment box today...:)


Posted by: littlemiss at May 10, 2005 7:17 PM

Am launching my own one-woman campaign to infest the Latina saturated market of Tampa... since the "filthy pig" reference will no doubt lead some to long for roast pork, yellow rice and black beans (a fav of Cuban cuisine here)... I will no doubt influence enough to make some sort of impact. Much love to my dear friend...

Posted by: Jenjenny at May 10, 2005 10:19 PM