April 21, 2005

I learned the Truth at....17!

WHO DO WE LIKE? Hint: NOT KIMBERLY....Not Kimberly is also known as BOOKS-A-MILLION.

WHY, you ask...

1) My editor JUST called this second, on the fly, to tell me gods is going to be 17 on their fiction best sellers list, which yay. SEVEN!TEEN! That just makes my heart go pitter and then PATPATPAT. If I had not felt a warm nethery stirring toward them already, that would do it. BUT as you may recall, I already was feeling the BAM love because...

2) NATIONALLY speaking (and by this I mean the businessy people with the jobs I do not understand and the fiction buyer and event planner etc etc) backed the book from the time it was a FETUS. They went up to NYC and met with my publicist to work out holding the launch party and also then later took me to eat FANTASMIC DUCK. So. We would have liked them for THAT even if they had not...

3) Birminghammily/locally speaking (and by this I mean the people who work at their flagship store in Brookwood) physically and actually launched the book at the faboo party with the kangaroo wine -- to this DAY the only event where I have actually remembered to BRING MY CAMERA. It was a GENTLE and FESTIVE introduction to the world of signings in that a) PEOPLE CAME (which we have learned now is NOT always the case!) and b) they just made me feel, you know, like The Princess. Like a princess with cake. And Kangaroo wine. You don't always GET to be the princess, even at your own book signings. BUT I GOT TO BE HER THERE. (Part of me can't help but SMUGLY SUSPECT that this is because they are SOUTHERN.)

I am having this WEIRD WARMTH for them, like, OBVIOUSLY I am GLAD for me that it is selling, of course, BIG gladness here, but...IN THIS BIZARRO CODEPENDENT AND PRBABLY MENTALY ILL WAY I am glad it is selling for THEM, too, because they've been ...personal with me. They've invested in this book from the get-go and it seems VERY fitting that this is the place where gods is starting to really take off. AND YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE??? BAM would never say "MAY I HELP YOU?? May I HELP you May I help you...(you moron)" unless they MEANT they actually WANTED TO HELP ME.

So. BAM is the new black. Sorry Spain.

I AM EATING A PRALINE NOW IN NEW ORLEANS....I am SO tired. So I will just say this....one hundred more things have happened. signings and TV and I met a HUGE HUGE BEAUTIFUL POODLE and got locked out of my hotel room wearing pajamas, experienced an incident involving a squirrel in a trashcan, had good signings with neat people-meeting (I met a few folks I have known for YEARS only on-line on I caught up with old friends from the way back back who that are scattered across the country....ALL OF THESE MOMENTS could make blog entries, but it's starting to slip ahead of my ability to catalog it. Before I can tell you about it, I have to be somewhere else. THIS IS WHAT IRKS ME ABOUT MY INABILITY TO REMEMBER MY CAMERA. I COULD AT LEAST DO A PHOTO JOURNAL but instead my camera sits back at the hotel, presumably eyeing the up-scale lobby hookers and wishing it had a Visa.

I MUST sleep, so there is no time to tell you anything more than....

AND PS JUST GOT ANOTHER CALL!!!!!!!! It is creeping up the Book Sense Best Sellers list as well, debuting at 41! TRA LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by joshilyn at April 21, 2005 9:54 PM

I just bought your book! Can't wait to read it. Glad you are have such fabulous success and what sounds like a fabulous time touring. Good luck and best wishes :)

Posted by: Kris at April 22, 2005 8:46 AM

Wow! I just found you via Zero, and I'm thrilled for your success (good reviews on Amazon, too). Looking forward to reading the novel and following your continued climb up the bestseller lists (okay, I'm a teensy bit jealous--but, in a, thank God someone talented is making it in the fickle book market that is America kind of way).

Posted by: AF at April 22, 2005 9:44 AM

#17! That's fantastic!

Take that, Kimberly.

Posted by: Aimee at April 22, 2005 11:05 AM

Just had to tell you that I went to my local Barnes & Noble in Modesto, CA today and bought your book. The girl at the checkout counter said, "Oh - I just finished this book - it's really great!". She went on to add that she'd stayed up til 1:30 in the morning to finish it.

And because I read your blog every day, this filled me with a bizarre sense of pride for some reason - as if I'd had something to do with your book?! Anyway - can't wait to start it this weekend and I wanted you to know that you're getting completely random and unsolicited raves from people and places you don't even know ;-)

Posted by: Cathy at April 22, 2005 5:30 PM

Woo hoo!! You go girl!!! I like BAM. We have Borders closer here tho.

Posted by: Heather at April 22, 2005 6:54 PM

Hey Joshilyn... news flash... YOU. ARE. FABULOUS.

How many phone calls do you need to receive before you accept this as truth? Silly girl.

And I am TOTALLY bringing my camera to Vermont. Wear your pretty shoes.

Posted by: Mir at April 23, 2005 12:45 PM

Had I not been trapped in a softball dugout April 16th, I would have sat next/near you in Little Rock for the festival. Sadly, my duty as team mom was put to use screaming at bad officiating, explaining why a player cannot play in the dirt while we are down 6-4, and then almost attacking three pre-teens as they poured water into our dugout. You see, I had my hands full BUT as I promised you long ago, I have planting the Joshilyn seeds down here. Hopefully you will reap the benefits from it in book sales. THEN you can help me get mine published as you will be the new Eudora Welty!
Seriously, I am SO proud for you. It warms the heart of all of the wannabes like me that you are succeeding. Now, tell me again, who should I sleep with? JUST KIDDING!
Love and hugs,

Posted by: Tish at April 23, 2005 1:32 PM

JOSHILYN! Congrats. You kick ass. :o)

Posted by: Martha O'Connor at April 23, 2005 11:06 PM