February 23, 2005

1 Anniversary, 2 Euphemisms, and 3 Questions

1) I just realized that FASTER THAN KUDZU will turn ONE! on March 6th. I have to think of something exciting to do for the ANNIVERSARY. It's really grown! That first month, not quite 500 unique users stopped by. Now the blog gets more than that every day!

2) I did something my friend Jill K. liked, and she said to me: YOU ARE THE JUNGLE-FIERCE AND RUTHLESS BLOODCURDLING TANGLE-FREE CATBOMB!

Which SOUNDS fabulous at first listen, but a closer investigation reveals that this is probably a euphemism for a poo. It's a little like being told, "You are the prettiest cat doot EVER!"

Free bonus euphemism: Back when Dear Old Toby Dog was still alive, we used to keep the litterbox locked up in the garage behind a TEENY CAT DOOR, and Lord help us if Toby finagled his wily way out into the garage. At that time, we called the litterbox The Salad Bar.

3) IT'S TIME FOR THREE QUESTIONS! This time with author Jennifer O’Connell. She has a HOT web design, by the way. It's seamless and she uses this really fun MAP thing, so if you go to her site, pick THE ADVENTURE BEGINS, and then pick a book, you get a MAP of the book and each stop is a little fun factoid...it's a very smarty-pants website.

Jennifer's NEW book, Dress Rehearsal, is an US Weekly HOT PICK (!!!) about a wedding cake boutique owner who can predict whether or not a marriage will last based on the cake the couple chooses. (PS Right now, if you act SUPER FAST because you only five more days, you can WIN the main character's DREAM CAKE via a contest on the website.)You can order the book through your local indy via Book Sense, and of course it's available from all the usual suspects: Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, or Books-A-Million.

Me: How'd you come up with the title?

JC: I had the title very early on - the original idea was that four friends come together in Boston to help their friend find a wedding dress. The idea behind the book was how women can tend to look at life before 'the man' as a dress rehearsal - they don't buy the good china, silver, vacations, homes because they figure they'll wait until they meet the guy they're supposed to share all that with. Although the plot of the book changed, the idea remaned the same.

Me: So, you've weathered the release of your debut novel with grace, aplomb, and no small measure of success---How was the publication of a second novel different?

JC: Publication of the second novel was fun, but different. The first time around you wonder if you're going to be an overnight success or if nobody will ever buy your book. This time around it was less nerve wracking, I knew what to expect, wasn't nervous about doing readings/signings, etc. I have a third book coming out in September, whereas when Bachelorette #1 was published, I didn't know if I had another book in me or if I'd be a one hit wonder.

3) How did you research THE RUNNING OF THE BRIDES? Did you go to Filene's and give it a try or...?

I lived in Boston, and anyone who lives in Boston knows about the running of the brides at Filene's. I never "ran" with the brides, but there are always articles written about it and it's something of an annual event in Boston. It's not Pamploma, there aren't any gorings on the street, but it's pretty damn close.

Thanks, Jennifer!

PS Ya'll, shhhh, don't tell anyone. but I am SECRETLY NOT A JOURNALIST! I am winging this. Right now, I am doing three questions like THIS: I ask about the title, because I always like to know about the title, so that's just me. Then I try to ask one question about writing or the author's experience in the world of publishing, then one question about the book. If you have suggestions for the SECOND catagory especially, HIT ME WITH THEM in Comments. I'll try to remember to tell you at the END of three questions who the NEXT 3Q Author will be, so you can make specific question suggestions if there are things you want to know. Next up: Johanna Edwards.

Posted by joshilyn at February 23, 2005 8:06 AM

Happy Birthday, Kudzu!

Posted by: Katie at February 23, 2005 12:01 PM

Make that 501. For some reason my Bloglines hasn't been picking up your feed, so I was just wondering why you hadn't updated for awhile and decided to come check. Looks like I've got some archives to read. I was thinkin' aboutcha though! :)

Posted by: ViVi at February 24, 2005 8:25 AM