February 11, 2005

Three Questions with Alison Pace

SO! We're up to BOSTON, but we interrupt this redux to pull a Monty Python. In other words, I am sending John Cleese out to a cow field to sit behind his desk and say, AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. He will be wearing a tuxedo, naturlich!

I'm doing this blog-exchange thing called GCC---which means I am going to have ACCESS to the TREMBLING PINK BRAINS of about 20 other novelists. These brave but foolish souls will patiently grant me a three question interview. Huzzah! I feel like I need a snazzy hat, a 40's girl-reporter suit, and a PRESS PASS! If you don't like my questions, leave me some suggestions for NEXT TIME in comments---I want to be sure I best exploit my TINY SLICE OF NEW-FOUND POWER!

First up is ALISON PACE, and her debut novel has a REALLY good title: If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend.

It Chick Pam Houston (Glorious She of Cowboys Are My Weakness fame) calls it, "A funny, feel-good fairy tale set improbably in the high-powered international art world."

I sat down with my computer over coffee, and Alison sat down with hers while presumably drinking something different, and here is what came of this meeting of...wires:

Me: Great title! How'd you come up with it?

AP: Thank you! There’s a scene in my book where a young girl asks, “Did Andy Warhol have a Girlfriend?” This question gets my narrator, Jane, thinking about how some things just aren’t meant to be. I think that ability to accept that certain things simply won’t work out is a pretty big theme of my book, or at least I planned for it to be. So as soon as I wrote a sentence that began, “If Andy Warhol had a girlfriend…” I just knew that was my title.

Me: What's the best STUPID LITTLE perk about having your book sell? You must here confess what RIDICULOUS dorky thing has pleased you WELL beyond the scope of it...

AP: I quite like having a website. I dork-out sometimes and just get it up on my screen and stare at it.

Me: Ha! Me too. I DO that. Okay, I only get one more...OH! To whom did you dedicate the book, and, if we may be so bold and intrusive, why?

AP: My parents. Because they’re awesome.

Thanks, Alison! You can get her fresh, funny, and Pam-Houston-approved book at
B and N dot com
Or you can order it through your local Indie over at Book Sense.

OH! If you go to Book Sense PLEASE NOTE that Cassandra King's new novel, The Same Sweet Girls is the NUMBER ONE Book Sense pick for the month of February. Cassandra King is an excruciatingly talented novelist who read and liked gods in Alabama and wrote a lovely blurb for it even though she didn't know me from Adam's off-ox, which obviously makes her a fantastic HUMAN BEING, and WE LIKES HER, MY PRESHUS, YES WE DO.

Lord, I have rambled on, so I will BRIEFLY revisit Boston and then SHUT UP for the nonce. I had a free afternoon, so I walked out of my hotel (which was in Cambridge) and hiked around, googling at History. Atlanta BURNED DOWN as you may recall, so we don't HAVE anything like what I was seeing. The whole place appears to made out of ancient, mellowed red bricks that have been aesthetically coated with good-taste-committee-approved vines. I saw some GORGEOUS homes and school halls and libraries, and I can now say TWO things with absolute veracity:

1) I went to Harvard.
2) I have a masters degree.

The fact that these two things are WHOLLY unrelated is not a topic of conversation I am terribly interested in pursuing just now...

Posted by joshilyn at February 11, 2005 7:31 AM

So are you getting three questions asked of you by these 20 novelists? And if so are you going to tell us where we can go to see your answers?

Posted by: Jensgalore at February 11, 2005 11:25 AM

My little yankee. I used to work at that Urban Outfitters right at Harvard Square. Did you get to drink coffee and sit in Harvard Yard? That was my dream and I got to do it...often.

Hope you weren't cold.

Posted by: Waylon at February 11, 2005 5:35 PM

Okay, that was COMPLETELY effective, because now I want to go buy If Andy &etc. I even followed links to her blog and everything. I AM A BOOK MARKETERS DREAM.

Posted by: jill at February 11, 2005 6:34 PM

You went to Harvard, but did you go to Toscaninis??? (If you say no, I shall weep.)

Posted by: Mir at February 12, 2005 11:15 AM

Boston, eh?
How did you like the snow?
Two feet off our back doorstep here in Maine.

Posted by: Shawn B. at February 12, 2005 9:13 PM