December 21, 2004


Okay, so AGAIN with the site down, AGAIN with the revert, AGAIN with the LOST BLOG ENTRY.

I am scared to post lest it all go POOF a third time and drive me to apoplexy. I am building a back up file and then probably moving. I will try to FIND and REPOST the santa letter blog entry, but it may VERY WELL be gone. I can try to REWRITE IT but you KNOW it will be flat. BAH! Anyone happen to cut and paste it and save it in a file marked, "Writers to obsessively archive in preparation for stalking and eating later?"

AND SPEAKING OF CANNIBALISM, when they find me GNAWING THE THIGH BONE of one of the hapless employees of my hosting service and they say, "WHY did you eat the entire company?" I will say "Because it is bitter, and because it is my web host."

Posted by joshilyn at December 21, 2004 12:44 PM

That sucks. Really. I loved that entry and I sent the link to it to a bunch of people. I got a bunch of emails saying, "I got an error." But, just so's ya know, I read it and read it aloud to my husband and it was SOOOO funny!

Posted by: Heather at December 21, 2004 3:00 PM

poor little Pirouet... where's your Perot??

Posted by: zippy at December 21, 2004 6:03 PM

BAH HUMBUG! I missed the Santa letter. Gnaw away.

Posted by: Amy at December 21, 2004 6:15 PM

Dear Santa,
Please help Joshilyn find a most wonderful and stable web host for Christmas.
Thank you and have a safe and jolly Christmas Santa,
- Klint

Posted by: Klint at December 21, 2004 7:53 PM

Hi there.
If someone out there read the entry, then it is in your cache. Please look through your cache and send Joshilyn back her entry. Then she can repost it.

Having someone attack your board is another compliment. You are well known enough and deemed 'worthy' of attack, congradulations.

I might also suggest recording your entries first into a notepad file (log) on your home PC, then C/P it into your online blogger. This will mean you have a local copy safe and secure before you ever post it to the web. OR d/l the blog page via ftp right after you write it. That way you can just slap it back up again if something goes wrong.

Best of luck with it. Your blog company will probably release a patch very quickly.

Posted by: Shawn B. at December 22, 2004 6:24 AM