December 14, 2004

Missing Something?

No, you are not on hallucinogens. Yes, there was an entry called PRODUCTIVE MALAISE posted here yesterday, and it was up for a good twelve+ hours and had generated some comments, and YES! Yesterday EVERY SINGLE BLOG ENTRY on Faster Than Kudzu -- well over 150 -- HAD been sorted into eight very fine catagories, and YES! I HAD posted a menu about what each catagory WAS and OH YES, Scott DID redo the entire links page adding a buncha new groovy, hepcat, all-the-rage links for cheerful one click access to places like The Zero Boss and Buzz, Balls & Hype and yes, SINCE YOU ASK, it did take about five hours of my life that I. will. never. get. back.

And yes. It's gone now. My site went down for some sort of maintenance early this am. I VAGUELY remember getting an email about it last week, saying something like, "Taking down your site blah blah put in subliminal Coke ads blah blah routine maintenance, blah blah mind control, blah blah communism," but I did not pay much attention. I assumed I would figure out it was the time when my site went down one morning.

I paid ENOUGH attention to clock the fact that the e-mail EMPHATICALLY did NOT say, "PS When we take your site down to put in the communism, the five hours of work you bravely put in from your OFFICE CHAIR OF PAIN even though you were PRACTICALLY DYING OF FLU will be as smoke, will become a dream within a dream, a shadow, a vapor, a puff of ectoplasmic glow-light that swiftly fades to sad, sad black. Love, Your Service Provider."

Because THAT I would have noticed.

PS Mir says she believes my Mental Illness Number hit a record high! And that was BEFORE I saw my FIVE HOURS OF WORK had poofed and my head exploded. Thanks to FLU, I have not been able to work out for four days so I got a little squirrelly -- a LITTLE, mind you. My temp has dropped under 100, but I still feel too achey for the jouncing up and down of step or a jog. So. I went for a three mile skate. See, because it's SMOOTH. Skates = No Jouncing, and yet, it is aerobic! Maybe it was a bit much -- I will admit there was some post-skate lying on the floor, some snivelling, a single lung may have been hacked up onto the carpet...But HEY, why do you think God gave me two?

She says this qualifies for a score of 70,000, but I am thinking more like 60? 65 tops?

Posted by joshilyn at December 14, 2004 11:38 AM

Oh. My. Goodness.

I Am so sorry!

Posted by: Heather at December 14, 2004 12:59 PM

I love your name!! ;) I can't wait to read your book. I actually work in customer service at Time Warner Book Group, so I will be helping to sell your book! YAY!

Posted by: Jocelyn at December 14, 2004 2:08 PM

HEY! I like YOUR name too! You spell it kinda funny though. I think you should try to work a silent H in there. Jhocelyn, maybe. Or perhaps Jocelhyn.

PS I LOVE YOU GUYS AT TWBG. You just sent Jay Allen ( ) a HUGE BOX of free books to use as prizes for the Best of the Blog Awards ( ) Way to be all WEB SAVVY with the promoting! I was so pleased to see TWBG was doing that, felt all proud to be with Warner, you know?

Posted by: Joshilyn at December 14, 2004 2:27 PM

A 3 mile skate? With the FLU? Have I taught you NOTHING? Sometimes, my dear friend, sitting around on one's behind is perfectly appropriate. You should try it.

p.s. Yesterday I was weighed at the OB and am told I now weigh more than my husband. So there may be some sour grapes working here... off to eat cookies!!

Posted by: Amy at December 14, 2004 4:39 PM

Ummmmm, skating when you have the flu...I think I remember that as an old Dutch remedy for zeer, zeer ziek. Very popular in Holland...

oh, wait, this is Atlanta, right? :-)

Posted by: dee at December 15, 2004 12:59 AM

Um....skating with the flu...when skating is liable to KILL YOU DEAD when you're perfectly healthy...yeah, I'm with Mir. 70,000 at least.

Posted by: Kira at December 15, 2004 10:24 AM

Rock on skating with the flu! Your mental illness about exercise has finally met mine.

Posted by: julie at December 15, 2004 5:21 PM

Oh for God's sake. I need to come home.

Posted by: Amy at December 15, 2004 10:21 PM