September 19, 2004

Married to it

I love him. He has a terrible PUN problem. But I love him. He was on a TEAR last night. We were watching this VERY GREAT movie on Sci-Fi channel ...

< digression > The movie was about evil rubber puppets that melt people and are invincible as long as Q from Star Trek shoots juice into their foreheads and Q does this because some OTHER rubber puppets killed his parents but a COP or MONK whose child was killed by that chick from ROSWELL in blackface make-up is helping the SAME chick kill the puppets that Q is helping even though THEY killed HIS parents. The cop or monk is part of an organization that smells vaguely catholic and deamon-hunty. This summary is actually LESS confusing than the actual movie. < /Digression >

....This VERY VERY GREAT movie on Sci-Fi and during a break this commercial for a fish sandwich came on.

Commercial: Made with only the finest quality of white fish!
Me: As opposed to? Moderately bad whitefish? Once good but now just this side of spoiled whitefish? I mean, what makes whitefish the FINEST quality? What do you call sub-par whitefish???
Him: Crappie?

But hey. I LOVE him, okay? So I sat and watched more VERY GREAT MOVIE with him. In this part, the chick from Roswell went with the monk to a warehouse to do the Karate Kid style musical training montage, and then they went to see the HEAD monk of the vaguly catholic evil fighters who said a bunch of dire-slash-inspirational things about the devil and the end of the world and the last hope for redemption of mankind.

Roswell CHick: But how can *I* save the world???
Him: Aw Roswell Chick, just ask yourself, Are you a SuppliCAN'T? Or a suppliCAN?

Which, come on. I lost it on that one. There's no way NOT to love him.

I leave for New York at 4 am tomorrow morning. heh. I will tell all as soon as I return Wednesday. OH BUT I FORGOT! Last time I went they sent a CAR for me remember? And I promised to be a complete geek and TAKE A PIC of the guy holding up a sign with my name on it at the airport? The car guy? Well. I did. The car guy himself was VERY NICE ABOUT IT AND LET ME, but...Please note the guy BEHIND my car guy laughing his BUTT off at me. :


Posted by joshilyn at September 19, 2004 3:53 PM

Your husband sounds stuPUNdous! (I'm sorry; I had to.) (Really, really, sorry.)

Posted by: Mir at September 19, 2004 5:28 PM

As to quality whitefish. Aside from freshness one mark has to do with the whole fish not being bruised during the catching process. However if the commercial in question was in regards to fish-sticks where the meats are collected/filtered stuffed and breaded.. standard yet fresh whitefish will do. As the quality stuff is usually reserved for restaurants where presentation might be a factor. *grin* - this post was brought to you by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service, Scientific Publications Office. And the letter K.

Heee suppliCAN now that's funny. :)

*grin* In regards to the pic: Somewhere there is a Steve at an airport nurturing his inner Joshilyn.

Posted by: Klint at September 19, 2004 5:54 PM

aahh sorry to spam. but have a wonderful trip to New York! :)

Posted by: Klint at September 19, 2004 5:55 PM

I am so jealous. You better have a blast!!!

Posted by: Heather at September 19, 2004 10:41 PM

Let the man laugh in the background...I don't see anyone holding a sign for HIM! Have tons of fun!

Posted by: AGK at September 20, 2004 5:27 AM