September 5, 2004

The Best Things in Life are Free...Books

OH I forgot to tell you a New York Trip thing.

I SWAN this is the world’s most disorganized blog. You read most blogs and they are like, LINEAR and say “Today I…” or at least “Yesterdsay I…” and then you come here and I spew reviews of ten year old movies all over you and say HEY REMEMBER TWO MONTHS AGO WHEN I WENT TO NEW YORK? NO? OKAY WELL SO ANYWAY!

This was actually my second trip to New York. A few months after the books sold, Scott and I hurled our little children at my parents and went on our first REAL kid-free trip since…um…our honeymoon. The book selling coincided with our anniversary, so we took a trip to celebrate ten solid years of making out and we picked New York because I had never been, they have arguably the world’s BEST theatre, great restaurants, and it’s romantical, and obviously I wanted to meet my editor and have some face time with my agent. (DIGRESSION: It’s a weird business. That man has worked SO HARD FOR ME and believed in me and shored me up and loved my work and demanded I finish things and revise things and picked out my titles – he’s been SUCH a mentor to me for five solid years, and until that trip I had NEVER SEEN HIS FACE.)

SO we went by Warner and there were BOOKS everywhere. Galleys and proofs and stacks of review copies and hardbacks and trade paperbacks. They were everywhere in piles, in shelves, whole rooms filled floor to ceiling with stacks and heaps and mountainous swellings of them, whole herds of books, tribes of them migrating through, and me, I am SUCH a junky I practically started drooling into my shoes, giving the book stacks covetous looks and licking surreptitiously at their glossy covers as we passed. And as we were touring this wonderland my editor said, casually, SO JOSHILYN WOULD YOU LIKE SOME GREAT HEAPING HAIRY FISTFULLS OF FREE BOOKS?

Which, hey, books are my crack of choice. And FREE is my favorite price. But I was all surprised and SHY and taken aback, and I was Raised Right by a Southern Lady, so I said, ever so politely, WHY, THAT WOULD BE LOVELY. I BELIEVE I WILL HAVE A NICE BOOK, THANK YOU. A SMALL ONE. JUST BREAK OFF THE CORNER OF THAT TINY ONE THERE.

OKAY so this trip? I was PREPARED. When Emily made the inevitable offer, I whipped open my purse, pulled out a giant plastic pumpkin bucket ands said FILL ‘ER UP! MORE! MORE! WHAT ELSE HAVE YOU GOT? I WILL TAKE IT! I WILL READ IT! WE CAN STUFF A FEW MORE IN THERE! HEY WHAT ABOUT THAT BLUE ONE HEY?

What’s neat is a lot of the books I snatched and ran away with ARE NOT PUBLISHED YET. They are GALLEYS. Galleys look like a trade paperback but instead of the jacket copy they say explain what kind of publicity and tour they are doing to promote the book and list blurbs from in house editors and other authors. It’s neat and reading them kinda makes you feel like a great big plugged-in hipster. I always was a sucker for those comic book ads…be the first on your block etc etc.

Today’s Valuable Lesson: The pumpkin was not enough. Next time I go to NY, I am taking an empty suitcase.

Posted by joshilyn at September 5, 2004 7:45 AM

Proper southern upbringing aside, what writer can resist free books?

Posted by: Heather at September 5, 2004 8:37 AM

Books want to be free.
Warner could use more space.
Win Win all around.

Posted by: Klint at September 5, 2004 10:08 AM