August 7, 2004

Jack is dull. Me too.

My friend Sara works in her closet. No, seriously. She goes in her closet and pushes aside her clothes and way back in the dankest corner she has a desk and a modem-free computer, and she squats in the semi-dark growling back at the feral dust camels and that's where she works. She is writing to deadline, and if she is OUT of her closet, there are all these CHILDREN she has, plus a husband and TV and internet connections and a horse and a telephone and eleventy hundred other pets and friends and obligations and temptations, and OUT THERE IN THE WORLD who can possibly write? Not Sara....and not me.

I told her we should rename her closet THE SUFFERING ROOM. This is WHY: My brother is a sculptor -- he sculpts the greens that are made into the molds used to make miniatures, gaming figurines and toys. He wears this THING on his head, a JEWELER'S thing, with big magnifying lenses so he can see to sculpt in amazing teeny detail. He looks like he is being assimilated by the BORG and the apparatus pinches his head, so he wears a do-rag as a pad. He calls the do-rag his "suffering hat" because putting it on means he has to WORK. SO therefore Sara's closet is...see?

I need her to make room for me. I am 12K words out from the end of the draft of this novel, and I am about 1K words away from pulling my eyes from their sockets. Chapter 13 is a trollop and the daughter of a trollop and the grandaughter of a pox-ridden, lice-infested, spraddle footed, addle pated TROLLOP.

I feel if i could just get 13 done, then 14 and 15 would be CHARMING, VIRTUOUS, LOVELY and WELL BRED young ladies who would show up ON TIME and bearing covered dishes. I can see them clearly, I know how they will go, but 13 is COY and HATEFUL and is MAKING ME PAY.

I kicked my husband and children OUT so I could work---it;s my version of the closet, SINCE MY FREAKIN' OFFICE HAS NO DOORS and 13 is being SO uncooperative that out of the house was not enough. I made them LEAVE THE STATE for two days. I MUST finish 13 before they return. I started at 8 am and worked til four. At four I had 900 words. I was averaging 114 words an hour. 13 probably needs to probably about 6K words to do all it needs to do. heh. SO.

It's 8 pm, I am just under at least my average got better. I think I should go to bed NOW so I can creep back and begin suffering at five am or so.

Pass the good juju, please. I need it today.

Posted by joshilyn at August 7, 2004 8:28 PM

Mabe you should be like a hi rise building and skip thirteen. Start a new trend.

Posted by: Mary Ann at August 9, 2004 11:40 AM


Posted by: MingLee at November 8, 2004 11:56 PM