July 13, 2004

Hello Hello Manolo!

I am going back to New York, looks like.

Up north of me at Time Warner, my editor (who was about to go on leave for eight weeks or so) decided to storm the building with the galleys for gods in Alabama. She sent one to every person in the building who had a pulse, and then she placed them on the graves of former editors, and then she put some more by the toilets. She went by personally and asked every person to read the galleys, employing a medium to ask the dead folks. Since asking the toilets seemed a bit over the top, she simply left graffiti: YOU + THIS BOOK = 2GETHER 4EVER and FOR HOT MONKEY LOVE, READ THIS BOOK.

I adore my editor. Really.

The result of her unwavering support was this: Someone in marketing read it and liked it. This led to other people in marketing reading/liking, and now the folks in Marketing want to meet with me. To say that I am excited about this is to say Patrick Henry thought liberty might be okay or whatever.

My husband was excited FOR me, until we had the following talk.

Scott: (kidding) This means shoe shopping, doesn’t it?
Me: (deadly earnest) You better believe it.

So today I am going to this little shopping place I have never been that is rumored to have amazingly great shoes. It’s called The Avenue at East Cobb. HUZZAH. I am going to get some power shoes and I have been thinking about them for two days now in a growing frenzy of desire. I have a chocolate brown short skirt and a cream patterned cami and blouse I am going to wear, but my old brown suit loafers are a little too Ally McBeal for 2004. SO CLEARLY, new shoes are required. I feel the shoes will be in the BRONZE family, and strappy, and scrutiating painful to walk across a ROOM in, much less 15 blocks in Manhattan. BUT HEY. THESE ARE THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE.

I called my friend Jan (who is both fashionable and thrifty) to see if she wanted to go with me and rein me in before I fell headlong into love with shoes that cost more than my car.

Me: What are you doing today?
Jan: Hoping someone will take a fork and kick it into my head and end this misery.
Me: Oh.
Jan: Hey. You asked. I’m also cleaning out my garage.

So. Maybe not. Since Jan apparently has *cough* other plans and Julie has her kids (Jan’s and mine are going on a fieldtrip with the church kids) I am going to go alone and place my so-fierce-it-borders-on-mental-illness love of shoes and my sky miles credit card at the mercy of a saleswoman.

We who are about to need a second mortgage salute you.

Posted by joshilyn at July 13, 2004 9:41 AM

Yay! And much Woot! I hope the shoe shopping went well. And the trip to New Yawk is a delightful and engaging one.

Posted by: Klint at July 13, 2004 9:56 PM

Wow, that is so fabulous and mindblowing. I cannot say how jealous I am. LOL! :) Just kidding!! I hope everything goes well, you deserve it.

Posted by: Tiff at July 14, 2004 1:15 AM

THAT is awesome. The whole book thing is cool too.
I love shoes. Just yesterday I was in a store with my mom and I picked up this pair of beautiful brown sling-backs - just as sleek and elegant as a Jaguar. Like a Jaguar you could wear on your FEET, but A LITTLE less expensive.
"Oh," I purred to Mom, "aren't these GORGEOUS?"
She ROLLED HER EYES and countered by picking up a pair of loafers.
(ps I am, in actual fact, awed by you and your book. I cannot wait to read it. twice. I won't sleep for days)

Posted by: Kira at July 14, 2004 11:30 AM

The new shoes, they are indeed sassy, and they didn't involve a second mortgage. I was able to take a loan out against my 401k that easily covered the cost.

Posted by: Mr. Husband at July 14, 2004 7:00 PM

Now I am seriously depressed - had I only known (and still lived in the area) I would have dropped EVERYTHING to accompany you because shoes are my LIFE!! AND, I am truly disappointed in Jan. The garage? Over SHOES? Not this chicken, babycakes. The garage will still be there tommorrow!!! Now I'm going to have choc-tinis for supper to make myself feel better!

Posted by: Amy at August 21, 2004 8:53 PM