June 29, 2004

Rejection Haiku

Writer James Stevens-Arce came up with the idea that editors should start sending rejection haiku instead of the usual form letter. He penned some corkers -- here are my favorites:

We've seen this story
a million times before, but
some of those were good.

Much as the swallows
come back to Capistrano,
enclosed is your book.

The origami
coffin of your SASE. A
note. This can't be good.

James challenged us to come up with our own rejection haiku. Hmm. I have been officially asked by the state of Georgia to not, really NOT, for the sake of the children, OH PLEASE DO NOT write poetry in any form. But how can I resist James? I can't. With apologies to my home state:

We put your story
and a dog turd on a scale.
The turd had more weight.

Posted by joshilyn at June 29, 2004 6:59 AM

I'd much prefer a haiku! LOL

Posted by: Tiff at June 29, 2004 6:29 PM

Your tale left us mute
Lest you think that's a good thing,
It really isn't.

Posted by: Kira at June 29, 2004 11:56 PM


James sent me another one:
Blank pages, pure as
driven snow. You couldn't leave
well enough alone?

Posted by: Joshilyn at June 30, 2004 6:03 PM