June 16, 2004

Sam's Romance Continued

An alternate title might be:
In Which I Transcribe a Conversation with Lily James That Took Place After She Read the BLOG Entry About Sam and Caroline.

Lily: I DIED. I’m so glad you wrote that down. When Sam gets a Pulitzer Prize for literature, as he no doubt will, you can look back on his early experiments with figurative language.

Me: Yes, seriously, he is seven and already master of the metaphor. And the drama continues…. Sam and I went to the park yesterday with Caroline et al. I was getting ready to leave, and Sam was down by the lake with her and he went up to her and he said UM CAROLINE UM UM CAN I UM UM and she said WHAT, SAM and he said UM UM NOTHING and went creeping away. We started walking to the car and he said WAIT MOM ONE SEC and ran back to her and said CAN I HUG YOU BYE? And she shrugged and said sure and he went charging at her and flung his arms around her and squeezed her nigh unto death and she was yelling GACK ACK I AM BEING STRANGLED and they both giggled like toddlers and then he ran to catch up with me where I was standing with Caroline’s mother and DYING of love.

Lily: How old is she?

Me: 11

Lily: That is so sweet it is just MURDEROUS. Does she realize at all?

Me: NO! OH NO! And I am not sure it would matter if she did. I mean obviously she isn’t going to throw her arms around him and say AT LAST! I HAVE FOUND MY TRUE BELOVED! But she wouldn’t use it against him. She’d just think it was cute. She’s sweet, that girl. Right down to her center.

Lily: It's that beautiful transparency of spirit that kills. It’s SO innocent…

Me: YES! He has NO IDEA what he is feeling, and he doesn’t process it at all.

Lily: God help the first person that makes Benny (her son) or Sam cynical. I will murder them personally. You and I can go on a murdering trip and kill them with axes.

Me: Yes, I will have to take whoever she eventually is by her snotty hair and drag her to a dingo patch and tie her down, smeared with delicious mustards.

Lily: Ah yes, a dingo patch, good plan. What the hell is a dingo patch?

Me: A patch full of dingos. Natch.

ATTENTION: Mothers of First Grade Heartbreaking Snotty Power Tripping Egomaniac Beauties in Bud --- Lock up your daughters at puberty, OR make them be kind to my son, OR resign yourself to having them eaten by the wild dogs of Australia. I’m afraid these are your only choices.

Posted by joshilyn at June 16, 2004 10:58 AM

As a parent just starting out, it is amazing and magical to watch your child grow and their awareness (or lack thereof) stands out so starkly to our own sometimes jaded outlook.

My daugher, Samantha (Sammi), at 18 months old somehow already rules her daycare. All the other kids lavish attention on her and become estatic when she reciprocates. She also plays her hand when she wants specific toys and/or to participate in different activities.

How fast their awareness grows. You wonder how she can be so seemingly cognizant in some areas and at the same time oblivious to so many other things. I can only hope that I can experience her life in so sweet a way as you describe.

Keep up the good work. Your writings express so well what others of us have a hard time speaking, let alone forming into complete sentances. If I were to attempt what you have accomplish here daily, it would read something like this:

"Today she (pause) and then he (pause) there was a hug (pause) ahhh, you should have seen it (pause) and he was so shy (pause) but loving (pause) and she cares enough to (pause) well you had to be there. (tear wells up, I turn my manly back to the crowd and pretend to have a bug in my eye)

Posted by: Shawn B. at June 16, 2004 11:42 AM

I could relate to this so much. :) Soooooo cute and true.

Posted by: Tiff at June 16, 2004 12:20 PM