May 14, 2004

in which we "DO LUNCH"

Caryn took me to lunch at Milos where I unabashedly craned around looking for celebrities and ate the most expensive grilled scallops that ever were. They came in a cup with exotic citrus fruits and a something something compote cilantro something reduction roux with frittered loblolly pine froo-froo garni. OR SOMETHING. Then I had a crabcake with all manner of decorative fanciness. Then I had something made of nuts. I could not pronounce most of the food but it was VERY NICE to look at at and even NICER to put in my mouth.

Caryn (Editor) was very SAD SAD that no celebrity showed up for us to gawk at. We were there for a couple hours and change nattering on and STILL, not one bleeding movie star popped by. Very irritating of them. Caryn told a VERY funny story about when she took her new assistant to lunch at the same place, and it is such a GREAT story, I have decided to pretend it happened to me, and tell it here as if it did.

So anyway, we are in Milos, and NO movie stars appear, and as we are leaving, Caryn is pushing open the door, and she turns and says over her shoulder, "I am so SAD that no celebrities showed up...Usually here you can always see at least one!" and then she turns back around and framed in the doorway is Steve Martin, who has OBVIOUSLY heard every word, and Caryn and her assista---I mean, Caryn and I google at him, open-mouthed and embarrased, and he throws this HUGE shakesperian BOW and says "HAPPY TO OBLIGE!"

Later at JUMPERS -- which is a revival of a Tom Stoppard play on Broadway that Scott and I give TWO RAVING SCREAMING GLORIOUS OVATIONY THUMBS UP -- we did have Nicole Kidman sitting a little in front of us. I gawked freely. Nic -- as she asked me to call her after we became best friends -- LOOKS really GREAT in person. I man, obviously she is beautiful, but IRL she looks prettier than she does on screen -- in her case the camera seems to remove ten pounds, so IRL she looks creamier. She had on slim-fitting black pants with a sort of goldish bolero jacket. Hair slopped up in a bun so casual and tendrilly that it probably took 5 hours and at least 4 of the Queer Eye guys to create. That was our only celeb sighting, but we did see a mugger. He failed to mug us. Nother story.

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