May 13, 2004

Warner was...

Shockingly corporate.

In my head I s'pose I had constructed a rabbit warren filled with, oh, you know, Hobbitses and trolls and editors, everyone scurrying about deep under the earth carrying stacks of paper taller than themselves with sentient glow worms lining the walls to light the place. But no, it was very SQUARE and WHITE and cubicled and officey.

One of the oddest things about being in New York was seeing all these regulation, square, normal, tall buildings that said "Simon and Schuster" and "Warner" and "Random House" on them in SUCH casual letters, making RANDOM HOUSE a PLACE instead of...a thing on the backs of books.

Getting into the building practically required a DNA security. Sad and sadly necesary.

I met my editor (who turned out to be LOVELY) and she took me around to the various departments and introduced me to my production editor and foreign rights editor and a LOT of people in Marketing and some of them had read my book -- not a polite "oh yeah sure I read that cough-cough" way but in a "I can discuss characters and themes with you and I REALLY actually read it and liked it" way. I got to meet the PUBLISHER, too -- She was a tiny Powerhouse. Seriously -- nothing comes out of a house if the publisher doesn't love it....she's a major player and it was NEAT to get to meet her.

Scott -- being a buisnessman -- noticed stuff I did not pick up on, stuff that makes me feel good about the way the auction went and that we ended up with this house and this editor. He said that in every department we visited, my editor seemed to be both liked and respected---that's vital but not somethign I would have THOUGHT about or observed as I have never had any sort of OFFICE job.

Funny moment: Scott and I were standing there with a BUNCH of folks... my Editor, her assistant, the production editor, the publisher, the asst publisher and the publisher's assistant and the publisher asked how I had gotten hooked up with my agent.
I said, "I cold queried him."

There was this pause, this TINY beat, where everyone there kind of widened their eyes in a pulse of disbelief and then quickly the conversation resumed. It was so fast, so subtle, that if I had blinked I would have missed it. But it really brought home to me how incredibly LUCKY and blessed I have been to get this far.

Posted by joshilyn at May 13, 2004 6:43 AM