April 29, 2004

In which I invoke evil

LISTEN TO ME, ALL YE DARK GODS OF REAL ESTATE! SEND UNTO ME A BUYER FOR MINE LOVELY HOME! It is a cute home actually, and now that we have it all SPIFFY so it will show well, I am sort of in love with it and a little sad to leave it. BUT. I have to have an office. I am currently trying to draft a novel in in my converted dining room, open to the world on two sides, with the family room TV blaring....I used to have an office. THen Maisy got born and took it.

The BAD thing about my cute house being ON THE MARKET is that it has to be IMMACULATE all the time in case someone wants to come peruse it. Luckily, I am a WONDERFUL housekeeper who likes NOTHING more than to frisk around in pearls and heels, cheerfully dusting, while my children sit quietly in a row on the sofa, reading PILGRIMS PROGRESS aloud to each other.

And if you believe that, I will not only sell you my home, but some lovely prime swa--- real estate in Florida.

Posted by joshilyn at April 29, 2004 8:11 AM