April 20, 2004


I don't write poetry because I am very bad at it. I sincerely feel the NEA should pay me a grant to NOT write it. BUT then my friend Jill sent me this thingy, it's her assignment from her creative writing class. COME ON YOU TRY IT, it's kinda fun. Here is whatcha do:

Write a poem (or POME as we say in Georgia), minimum of 20 lines. You MUST use the following:

1. the name of your hairdresser (or body piercer)
2. your favorite fabric
3. your favorite color
4. your favorite spice
5. your favorite sound
6. the strangest thing you've ever seen in snow (any snow will do)

AND the following words

7. shudder
8. combing (NOT in any way related to hair)
9. merge
10. cave (as either a noun or a verb)

you MUST have:

2 instances of alliteration
2 instances of assonance
2 metaphors
1 instance of synethesia ("He's a smooth talker")

Ready? BEGIN.

SEE? That could be fun. I also suggest that you add a rule -- you must do this after consuming 1.5 glasses of Shiraz (if you are a lightweight). If you have a stainless steel liver, you'd better down the bottle. Here is my 1.5 glass attempt:

Would The David be Art if Michelangelo
had sculpted him as if he were peeing in the snow
Sling over one shoulder, both hands on the pen to write,
'Michelangelo Rocks, and I am one of them.'

Then the Shiraz got to me and I fell asleep. The worst part is, I STOLE Jill's hairdresser's name. That's just LOW. But...David is SUCH a usable name and mine is named something like SERGE and I am not even sure how to spell it. I feel SHAME. I think I am done. If you need me, I will be sitting by the mailbox waiting for my federal GRANT-TO-PROMISE-TO-NEVER-WRITE-POETRY.

Posted by joshilyn at April 20, 2004 6:42 AM