April 19, 2004


I was talking with some friends about HUSBANDS and why they are not terribly ROMANTICAL when wives are usually girls and girls almost universally like romance.

My husband very rarely sends flowers and when we go on dates it's because I organize 'em and find childcare. I like to pretend to be grown-ups at the sort of restaurant that has a wine list and no kiddy-menus, but he is just as happy with a date that goes like this: family dinner, rent-a-movie, put the kids to bed, catch a little woo.

BUT I DO NOT CARE! That's FINE! You know why? Because---HE DOES THE LAUNDRY. All of it. Every time. I can not tell you how romantic I find this to be. And now that he is out of town for three weeks the depths of my appreciation have sunk to well below sea level. My appreciation is now SO deep that the fish do not have EYES down here.

Oh sure, he tells me I am beautiful, and he kisses on me all the time, and he knows his lines in the DO THESE PANTS MAKE ME LOOK FAT conversation, and that's all well and good romancifully speaking, but NOTHING gets me in the mood like a man who will gather, tote, wash, dry, fold and put away dirty clothes.

And he takes my children away for weekends to give me alone time in the house to write when I have a deadline. SO SO ROMANTIC. And he's tall and I just LIKE that, which is appropos of exactly nothing, but he IS tall and I DO like that.

So when he sometimes forgets Valentine's day--WHICH HE DID TWICE IN A ROW BY THE WAY (2002 and 2003 HA!) -- I just shrug and eat half of the box of chocolates I got him and make out with him anyway.

Truthfully, I am not very romantic either. I have to look inside my wedding ring to remember when my anniversary is. *grin* But let's not tell him that because for V-day this year I got a buttload of Burt's Bee's skincare AND balloons AND flowers AND little twinkling pink X-mas lights strung up all over the house. AND he still did the laundry. *sighs and looks lovelorn*

Posted by joshilyn at April 19, 2004 1:48 PM