April 14, 2004


I went to my son's school today and had lunch with him. Wow. I had forgotten cafeteria food. I am not sure what the food was, but it was a sloppy, gelatinous mass of gray with gray pieces in it. It sat and quivered on top of some exhausted rice.

You know those moths that have specific wing patterns that make them look like bark and when they perch on the right kind of tree you can't see them? WELL, if this lunch perched on some vomit...

This is why I pack my son's lunch every day. I pack it full of nutrition, and he assures me that this dooms him to Geekhood. I pack his lunch, so therefore he will spend his junior prom hunched down in my basement rolling dice as he tries to whack a Balrog with his +12 vorpal blade of righteousness so his dark elf can level up.

That's actually how I spent MY junior prom, I tell him. AND IT WAS A DARN GOOD TIME.

Posted by joshilyn at April 14, 2004 3:28 PM

well...did you level up?

Posted by: Dark Lord Fancy Pants at April 14, 2004 5:20 PM

Yes, I like your blog. More structured than most but that suits me because while I'm enjoying my e-mail I'm not putting together my pitch for an editor I'll meet with at Pikes Peak Writers Conference this Fri. Think I'll work on that now. Enjoyable blog! Fergie

Posted by: Fergie at April 20, 2004 6:59 PM