April 10, 2004

Zona Rosa

That is, by the way, Rosemary Daniell’s writer’s workshop It's all over the South, and if you live here and write you have probably heard of it. She's charismatic--and very genuine I think. In a weird way it was the opposite of reading Sara Gruen’s first novel; I like Sara as a person so was relieved to find her book was good. This was the same thing in reverse---I had long liked Daniell's writing and so was relieved when the person was good.

They have a guest come to each meeting -- usually a writer or an editor or an agent. This time the guest was an Atlanta local boy, Jack Riggs. His debut novel, WHEN THE FINCH RISES, came out last summer from Ballantine. I quite liked it---especially the character of Palmer. In an odd way, Palmer reminded me of Owen Meany. The writing---Riggs is a master at taking southern images--so familiar they are practically STOCK-- and he draws you along into them, and you go, yes yes, I know this, mmm-hmm, lalala, and then they suddenly dog-leg in a totally unexpected direction and you find yourself saying "HA!" out loud. Nice.

There was a buncha writery talk, and Jack read a scene or two, and then we broke to eat pot luck and drink wine. Someone brought a lizard bread -- it was a loaf of white bread from a Cuban bakery and it was molded into the form of a reptile--maybe a crocodile? Inside it had a LINE of raisins in a marching row from the mouth to the tail---right where the animal's digestive track would be.


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