April 1, 2004

Live from the In Town

We're going to eavesdrop on the In Town Atlanta Writer's Group, my critters and cronies and fellow writing junkies. I'm still yammering about The Reading of the Sex Scene from The Refrigerator Border Wars, the book I am working on now. I pitched this book to my agent and editor as "Lighter! Funny! Definately lighter than gods, a feel-good book! PERKY EVEN!"

Hmm. And how is that going, Joshilyn?
Oh so glad you asked! Let's see what my critters had to say!

*rewinds tape to the Tuesday meeting of the In Town*

Person 1: I think this is a good place for a sex scene. It's seems right for this book to have some good sex in Chapter 2, pacing-wise.
Person 2: Yes, and it's kind of a nice break from all the violence.

hmmm. Well *I* think it's a funny book. In places. I'm trying to keep it light but these big black dogs keep leaping out and eating dear old ladies and this one character, Bernese, will NOT stop shooting everything that moves. These people are off the chain.

One guy at my crit group reminded me that Chekhov said, If you have a gun hanging on the wall in Act One, it better go off in Act Three.

To which I respond, OH NO ANTON, I say we yank that booger down and start blasting away while the overture is playing.

Posted by joshilyn at April 1, 2004 9:44 AM