March 31, 2004

Bathroom Lovin' Out Loud

My writer's group met last night at Anne's house. I read that bathroom LERV SCENE I was whinging about in an earlier entry. It seemed to go over okay. THAT'S A RELIEF. I thought it was working which is usually when my writers' group leaps up with sticks and beats me to death. So. I was nervous.

I know that sometimes my internal landscape is so powerful and real to me that what I write is a touchstone for me -- the actual writing may SUCK THE GOAT, but it is for me and me only an access road. SO I read it and am transported to my powerful internal landscape, ZOOM! And then I dance around and make out with myself and pet my own hair until even the cat can't stand to be around me. That's when my group coughs discreetly and points out that it sucks. I get why --because that particular scene can't be a touchstone for a reader who doesn't share my internal landscape via a vulcan mind-meld or serious hallucinogens.

I HATE that ugly realization that the scene is not a scene yet -- it's just a series of key words that puts MY mind in a place/character/emotional state that is real and vivid because it already exists in me, whole and lovely. It is SO vivid I don't realize that the vividness I am responding to is the internal landscape, not the words I have written about it.

That's why writing groups are good---they keep you on the straight and narrow. They are bad because sometimes Jill doesn't come and then there is sure to be no canolli.

Posted by joshilyn at March 31, 2004 9:07 AM