March 30, 2004

Blog on Blogging

Lily says I have to BLOG MORE. I have to BLOG EVERY DAY or she will come kill me in the head with knives as I sleep. I think she is serious. She is tiny but mean.

I have been blog crawling, and I think I will come up with ten rules for Blogging that I will follow assiduously so as not to cause the people who are nice enough to visit my site to commit suicide.

One rule will be, NEVER mention laundry. Trust me, laundry is the kiss of death. NO ONE wants to read a blog that begins "So I did really a lot of laundry today. Started with towels, and you KNOW I did those babies on hot because ooooh-wee, towels get germy. Don't you think towels get germy? Then had a bad time because I forgot to put the bleach in the whites...."

No, it's not a good rule--too specific. You could blog about laundry, if, for example, you find a great big alive possum with 500 repugnant squirm-babies all hissing at you from your lint bucket. You just can't blog about your USUAL laundry. Maybe rule one boils down to this:

There is a BIG FAT difference between a public diary and a private one.

The LEAST interesting blogs are the ones that do not realize this.

Strangely, the MOST interesting blogs are ALSO ones that do not realize this.

The Train Wreck Blogs. You just can't bring yourself to look away.

Posted by joshilyn at March 30, 2004 1:38 PM

A blog a day may be fine for your stalkers, but there is some bitter sweet anticipation that forms from NOT seeing something new every day. You then begin to feel a yearning, a longing, an almost... well, nevermind about that. Suffice to say, frequent updates of interesting content are far more appealing to some (like myself) than daily ramblings about nothing. Write when inspired, not required.

Posted by: Shawn B at March 30, 2004 3:30 PM