March 23, 2004

Hipster Mama Glasses

At the pool the other day I met a mom with a daughter the same age as my son. She was carrying a hardback lit-fic book so I struck up a conversation. Plus she had that Former English Major patina I can spot from very far away. I can pretty much spot it from space.

The piecey too-hip-for-the-PTA haircut and the chunky shoes and the type of glasses she wore sent up "I READ THINGS AND AM SMART" rays that are as visible to a fellow reader as the bad smell lines that come off Pepe Le Pew's butt. We readeresquers are a sub-culture. I decided. We have SEKRUT SYMBOLS.

I have MANY coded subculture-approved outfits -- If I blow out my hair wear a V neck black knitted not-quite-sweater-not-quite-shirt thing with the correct cut of faded jeans and extremely expensive black loafers, then people in my subculture look at each other wisely and nod and say "writer."
This chick at the pool was wearing orange.
So. Editor. Obviously.

UNFORTUNATELY I had not put my costume on. I had put on my other one. The I AM A MOMMY one. The one I call FRUMPERELLA. Slouching-Through-Kroger-Wear. I had to TELL her I was writer.

Thank GOD my highlights were fresh or she never would have believed me. *grin*

Posted by joshilyn at March 23, 2004 7:19 AM