March 20, 2004

Katie, could you bar that door?

Today I am spiderman with a Singer, web-crawling all over looking at art quilts. I used to sew. You can not possibly believe how bad at it I am.

SAMPLE: I made my mother-in-law quilted placemats with little pieced cats sitting by teacups. This was YEARS ago. I told her never to wash them as they would immediately fall into chunks, so she keeps them in a drawer and politely sets them out when I come to visit. Last time we were down, I was looking at one and I said, "Oh no! Look I sewed this cat's tail on upside down," and she said, "Those are cats??"

AND YET... I have been having these WEIRD urges to start a sewing project. I told my quilting friends this, and those reprobates only encouraged me to sew. I hope I am not pregnant. I hope I am not needing to be medicated. I especially hope the urge goes away for the sake of perfectly nice fabric everywhere that does not want to be hacked up into uneven chunks and sewed haphazardly together like some vomit-colored bride-of-frankenquilt.

Posted by joshilyn at March 20, 2004 8:50 AM