Hire Joshilyn

Joshilyn Jackson is a dynamic, entertaining speaker and an award winning and passionate educator. She regularly acts as a guest lecturer to creative writing programs at colleges and universities all across the country, teaches workshops on craft at writing seminars, runs workshops on a multitude of topics, offers manuscript critiques at conferences, and speaks at fundraisers, libraries and for Friends of the Library associations.

To engage Joshilyn to speak at your event or teach at your conference, workshop, or seminar, please send an offer letter detailing the nature of your event, date, time, and location, travel and lodging info, honorarium amount, and contact information to engagements@joshilynjackson.com.

If your book club is reading one of Joshilyn Jackson’s novels and has access to a speaker phone or SKYPE, you can arrange for Ms. Jackson to call or virtually visit your group. Joshilyn schedules a limited number of calls, and preference is given to groups who are reading her most recent title. To inquire, send an e-mail with the date and time (in EST) that your group is meeting, the title they are reading, and a contact name and a phone number to bookclubs@joshilynjackson.com

"Joshilyn Jackson is the kind of rock star I wish we had more of! Joshilyn was a huge hit at the Opus & Olives author gala: 800 guests, five best-selling authors, martinis, food, a huge book blast. She held the audience in the palm of her hand. She's smart, funny and wonderfully genuine…and her books sold like hotcakes. Jackson is a true gem in the literary world."

                     Sue Hall
                     Opus & Olives Coordinator
                     The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library

"Whenever we plan an event, we start our list by writing “Joshilyn Jackson” on the top of a blank piece of paper. She always draws an enthusiastic crowd, has a fantastic stage presence, and has that rare ability to entertain and inform at the same time. I’ve seen her take a crowd from shrieks of laughter to tears and back again without even batting her witty eyes. I can’t imagine the Decatur Book Festival without her."

                    Daren Wang
                    Executive Director
                    AJC Decatur Book Festival

"Joshilyn visited Florida State University to give a reading with the up-and-coming nonfiction writer Karen Abbott. Not only was her performance mesmerizing, she specifically chose material for our graduate students, in particular. She also reached out to our students and talked to them one on one. In these exchanges, I saw a natural mentor, an incredible generosity of spirit, time, and energy. Later, I talked to some of our students about their discussions with Jackson. All were buoyed by her wit and her encouragement. If you have ever heard her speak or been in her presence, you know that you know that she is energetic and ebullient in any setting – on stage and one-on-one and surely in the classroom."

                    Bestselling author Julianna Baggott
                    Associate Professor
                    Creative Writing Program/English Department
                    Florida State University

"I wanted to thank you for calling in back in January - it was truly the highlight of our book club this year!! Many of the members have talked about it since then. And, we all agree, it was the one book that EVERYONE enjoyed."

                    Gretchen Elameto, Book Club Member