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Make the Clickies

Today I am discussing THE VORTEX GENE on my sassy-pants new group blog, The Lipstick Chronicles. I like it there. They call their Best Beloveds “Back Bloggers” which is weird, right? But not TOO weird as the initials are right. BB. And in all otherwises, they are SUPER cool.

Everyone is so CHATTY – […]

Psst, Over Here (and Childress Winners!)

Today I am over at my group blog, The Lipstick Chronicles, hatin’ on the facebook. Or maybe pretending to hate on it while giving it a little kiss behind the back garden shed. What a glorious life-sucking time waster!

Meet me over there and let’s dish.

Meanwhile, you peeps love you some Mark Childress! […]

Go Red Lipstick (?)

That’s my official GO RED T Shirt—it has a silver spangley red dress outlined on it and is cut for girls. This pic is a link to the GO RED store where you can get this shirt and other goodies and raise money and awareness and maybe a few boy-pulses because it is a […]