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Welcome to December (now with more LarLar!)

I so wish I was on NAIL’s 2010 Christmas Gift list. WRAP IT, PLEASE!

This first picture is the second image that comes up if you google image “demented happy elf.” It was a Christmas gift last year from a site called NAIL that I had never seen before, but I am already kinda […]

My Favorite Little Kettle

This Coach purse might be a little too pink. And a LOT too four hundred freakin dollars.

Maisy is a lollygagger. Maisy is a fibberty-gibbett. Maisy sits at the kitchen table and swings her feet and looks at things with her big blue eyes and accomplishes nothing. She cannot stay on task. She cannot […]

Zomgah! It’s a VLOG!

Best. Review quote. Ever.: “A sizzling chunk of Southern Gothic…But it’s not only the nail-biting, sinuous plot that gives the book, to quote one of its characters, “a hundred different kinds of pure, naked crazy.” It’s the way Jackson writes, like a woman whose hair is on fire, batting at the flames with one […]