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<3 and Lipstick

Firstly and foremostly, thank you. It’s weird, but writing all this MY MORTAL ENEMY crap down, even in an abbreviated and anonymous form, and having you, my tribe, posse up and get ready for a good fashioned book burning—-OH maybe it is wrong, but it made me feel SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Also I let […]

Silly-Fox and How to Not

OKAY I promise we are done with contests for a bit! NO MORE. They require all one of my organizational skill to stretch to the limit, and then the skill snaps back and pops me in the face like an angry and overworked rubber band. Exception being, of course, winner of the silliest Fox […]

Worth 1/1000th of a Picture

EDIT FOR CLARITY: A Style Sheet is NOT a sheet asking for or demanding changes to MY book. No one can or would or even wants to change my words. NO one can or would even want to shift so much as a THE or an AND without checking it against my intent. The Style […]