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The Advantages of Naughtiness and Bad Behavior

Look! Here is a picture of me with Deanna Raybourn who I met at the Dahlonega Lit Fest. She calls HER Best Beloveds “Dearest Chickens,” and is crazy-fun, but, I am sad to report, she is an addicted sugar-smoker.

Yes, Virginia, those are CANDY cigarettes. But they do not look like candy […]

NYC: A Week in Pictures

This is the 26 dollar hamburger. My friend Sarah Strohmeyer says it only looks worth $22.50, though.

So if you wondered where I was all week, the short answer is, NYC, with no real internet beyond DJ Cracky B (my trusty blackberry—who gets such a cool name partly because, on a different trip, he […]

Winners and a Whiner (and a cry for help)

The folks below won Abbott’s excellent new book, American Rose. Which, by the way, is now officially a New York Times bestseller! SO some of you darling human beings were too impatient to wait for the drawing and went out and bought a copy.

Or you gave copies to your friends, or you […]

3Q with Karen Abbott (and a Prize Drawing)

Karen is coming! Karen is coming! Here to Atlanta. Come hang out with us Tuesday and celebrate the launch of American Rose.

January 18, 2011 Ballroom Book Bash (hosted by A Cappella Books) The Highland Inn 644 N. Highland Ave. Atlanta, GA 30306 Time: 7 p.m. Contact: Frank Reiss, 404-681-5128, frank@acappellabooks.com $10 tickets or […]

What my Biffles Did on Their Summer Vacation

The first trailer for Water for Elephants is out, and WOW but it looks like sexy, brilliant OSCAR BAIT. I am SO excited to see this movie. I would be foaming even if it wasn’t Sara’s book because it looks AMAZING. I have loved Reese Witherspoon since Scott and I were flipping channels about and […]

Letters to my Life

Abbott the rabbit’s burlesque-y latest just got a starred Publisher’s Weekly review….huzzah!

Dear Fat Pants,

I am giving you two weeks notice. I am about to be done with you. I am really, really, super serious, this time.

Firmly (and by firmly, I mean ABOUT TO BE more firmly, specifically in the butt […]

A Little Linky Lovefest

I have been anthology-cally busy this last year, and I forgot to tell you.

My good friend Sonny Brewer invited me to be in a very cool anthology called Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Acclaimed Authors and the Day Jobs They Quit. I wrote about my terrible year as a paper-toting office monkey. […]

Packing Sucks

It is the LAST DAY to enter the contest to win a signed, personalized copy of Sara Gruen’s APE HOUSE…click this link to find the rules and enter. Contest closes at NOON EST Friday.

Want some fake breakfast? Mmmm, Paper Mache-y!

I am packing to get on a plane to leave town for the […]

The Monday More Q

I thought I would add a feature for as long as I remember it exists, called Monday More Q, where I answer the unanswered questions from the 3Q contest, as well as questions from other sources such as e-mail or book events….Let’s dive right in!

From the Peanut Gallery: You do realize it is Tuesday, […]

Please to Advise Re: Contests

Congrats to Laurie Meeks and Michelle Pendergrass, who each win a copy of Jennifer McMahon’s hot new paperback release of Dismantled.

Randomness is SO DARN RANDOM that at times it seems absolutely…cleverly planned. The results were so weird that I decided to print screen and clip them out and post the images, because otherwise […]