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One Full Basement


Remember 5 Full Plates? It was this theoretically great idea I had (key word: theoretically), where I would band with four of my dearest blog-inclined friends, and we would challenge each other and improve our lives and find corners of time in which we might care […]

Whatever Happened to Five Full Plates?

I would like to play life-swap with this fellow for a day or two.

So we were all supposed to start this FASHION CHALLENGE over on Five Full Plates but then all five of us got a whole enormous rubbery elephant carcass dumped on our respective plates and we are too busy trying to […]

Linky Love Day

Don’t forget to enter the contest to win a signed, personalized copy of Sara Gruen’s APE HOUSE, currently sitting prettily on its furry haunches at #8 on the NYT bestseller list.

Today I am blogging about a mythological creature called “My Fashion Sense” over on Five Full Plates. My Fashion Sense has a […]

The Tuesday Redirect

Today is Tuesday, so I am over at Five Full Plates. There, our focus is getting FIT AND HEALTHY, so of course *I* am…talking about my cat.

The Monday Redirect, Now With a Give-Away and NO LINKS!

Today I am over on FIVE FULL PLATES, but I cannot link because I am on a mountain and it is a whole big thing and I have about 2 minutes of internet time left. Details (AND THE CHANCE TO WIN FUN FITNESS PRIZES!!!!) on http://fivefullplates.com. Short version: With Sara, trying to get a HUGE […]

The Ubiquitous Button and Some Linky Love

Today I am learning NEW things that are NOT meditating over on Five Full Plates It is a surprise, what I am learning. Yay.

Over here today is our friend The Button. Pressing him takes you to the place to order signed first editions of Backseat Saints from The Alabama Booksmith, and thus […]

The Tuesday Redirect

Today I am getting my learn on over with the Plates. Heh. Lydia has challenged us all to learn something, and I basically chose something that everyone over there has been yelling at me to do ever since I ripped out my stitches getting on my cussed elliptical too early after surgery.

Over […]

The Tuesday Redirect

I need this shirt. And to know the answer to this vitally important question.

Have you noticed the categories here on the new blog? Scroll down and look at the left menu bar. You will see I only have SIX categories…a little joke Word Press is playing. It won’t list a category until that […]

Double Dog

Me, currently alive, playing with my kids.

New Blog Test: This post previously appeared on my group blog, Five Full Plates.

I vaguely remember lying in the hospital bed, so low on oxygen to the brain that the walls were wavering, watching this thick red sludge run from its baggy to a tube […]