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Random Neurons Firing (Part 17)

WHOOPS! I forgot to push all that shame down! It’s like our collective skirt is still flipped up and all our Freudian slips are showing. Let me just give that a tug!


LOOK AT….nothing! Yup. I have NOTHING to tell you except […]

Enter Saints, Exit Ferdinand, Enter Ansley

Backseat Saints comes out in paperback on Wednesday—it is already showing up available to be ordered and in STORES. GAH!

Now quite a few of you bought in hardback (PS WOW YOUR HAIR LOOKS GREAT!!!! You look like a fricken HAIR MODEL!) but if you aren’t a hardback buyer, oh, Beloved, THIS IS […]

Wax On, Wax Off, Wax Philosophical

I had such a HAPPY EASTER! I hope my fellow resurrection people had a good one too. My favorite silly moment: my friend Chris played his bagpipes in FULL SCOTTISH REGALIA at the sunrise service, and when we arrived for the next service he was still there.

Maisy did a double-take when she […]

Lusting in my Heart

This squirrel wants a coca-cola!

When I teach writing, I often talk about the eternal I WANT. Goal is the engine of fiction. Desire—-that’s the name of the country where narrative drive lives. It isn’t Desire that defines a lot of what it means to be human, though. Any paramecium can WANT things, in a […]

Inappropriate Googlage

This is not a real burning building.

One time, I needed to burn down a museum.

There was a fireman at our church named Russell, and one Sunday, I pulled Russell aside and asked for his help. “I am going to commit some arson, and I need a real conflagration for this museum,” […]

Packing Sucks

It is the LAST DAY to enter the contest to win a signed, personalized copy of Sara Gruen’s APE HOUSE…click this link to find the rules and enter. Contest closes at NOON EST Friday.

Want some fake breakfast? Mmmm, Paper Mache-y!

I am packing to get on a plane to leave town for the […]

Six (mostly) True Things about Michigan

This moose loomed moosily over my hotel’s coffee bar…

1) Michigan summers can be QUITE humid.

I suspect that Michigan’s state motto is “the Big Hair state.” The second I deplaned, I felt my hair beginning to rise and puff into billowing humps of fuzzy curlage, and by the time I went to my […]

The Monday More Q (NOW WITH PRIZES!)

Hey, look, SHWAG! Pls remit your undying friendship.

Yes. I know its Thursday. One of these weeks I will post the Monday More Q on an actual Monday. (Oh, stop laughing. It could happen!)

I am not posting much on ANY day this month because something CLICKED, chemistry bloomed, and the new book and […]

3Q with, um, Me

I can’t very well sit down with myself, so I sat down with my Best Beloveds to answer Three Questions about BACKSEAT SAINTS, my other work, and my process as a writer.

Backseat Saints is already a New York Times bestseller and in the July issue REDBOOK recommends it for book clubs, saying […]

Still Kicking

This braid is going to Locks of Love. YAY.

Peep my cousin’s friend’s 13 year old daughter, doing the Rose cover shot pose after her mom sheared off seven years worth of gorgeous hair—it kinda broke her mom’s heart, but it is for SUCH a worthy cause. Yay, anonymous kiddo in an unspecified […]