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Two Reminders, One Burning Question That Proves My Mental Illness Number is Nearing Terminal Numberlocity, and a PS

Reminder 1) I leave at 6 am for Mississippi on the first leg of the tour (HELLO OXFORD! HELLO JACKSON!) So if you are round about those parts, check the schedule and come out and see me. We will have fun. Pinky Swear.

Reminder 2) This also means that we are only a week […]


Consider this my Holiday Greetings and Christmas Cards to all the people I did not mail Christmas cards to, which includes…everyone on the planet. Yes. I suck. BUT!

I used to BUY Christmas cards and not send them, so now I just skip right to not sending them, so at least I suck […]

New Things and the VBS! (No, not that kind)

FIRST, an abject apology for the VIDEO I posted in the entry below. I did not realize it WAS a video of graphically horrible deaths. The website made it look like I was going embed a CREEPY GAME in which a raccoon chases Mario through a mushroom-laden abattoir. I took the video down and […]

4 Things, Almost Entirely Unrelated

1) Dear Book Page, I […]

Train Time Is Now

Don’t forget – in the entry below this, you can enter to win a copy of Bridget Asher’s latest delightful novel!

This happened in Douglasville recently. I was there. The good news is, I am pretty sure no one was hurt, unless the truck counts. That truck looks TERMINAL.

I am not […]

Actually, The Lemon is Quite Pleased

There’s a story I tell aboutgods in Alabama whenever people ask me how much input we writers have into our book covers. gods was my first novel, and my then editor, Caryn, called me and said, “So the cover meeting is tomorrow. I wanted to get your input…”

I did not realize this was a […]