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Should Your Next Soiree Need A Bit of Added Zing and Sophistication…

OH! Delicious pan of buttery heart disease and sugar coma! I sing to thee!

Every year the youth at our church have a dinner to raise money for their mission trips and suchlike. We make desserts, and the desserts get auctioned off at the end of the night. It’s understood that this is the HUGE youth fundraiser, so all the money one would normally just put in the collection plate over the course of a year for them gets lavished, instead, in a single swoop on coconut crème pies and mousse cakes. There is a particularly famous banana pudding that takes top honors most years. This year, I think it went for 450 bucks? Yeah. It’s a pretty dern good pudding, though.

We threw our cash into a truly decadent Paula Dean bread pudding made entirely from stale Krispy Kreme donuts with a butter rum hard sauce. Redneck? MAYBE. Just a little. Delicious? OH LORDY. YES. Here is the recipe, and NO, Virginia, you can’t use weird Yankee donuts like Mr. Donut or whatever those awful pretenders are called. KK or nothing.

The whole thing is superfun…You buy a ticket to eat a nice spaghetti dinner for 12 bucks. The youth decorate and dress up based on a theme (This year it was the circus) and are your waiters, and the tables compete with each other, trying to win silly games. This year, the BEST silly game was for each table to cover one person’s head in shaving cream and then a designated Cheeto Ball Pelter was given a plastic cup full of Cheeto balls and told to pelt the face of the shaving cream head person. The person with the most Cheeto balls stuck to their face won….

That's my fella!

Scott was our table’s Cheeto face, as you can see, and we did not win. In fact, the winner had more than FORTY cheeto balls stuck to his face. I think he cheated though, via some sort of orange cheez-food powder magnetic physics I can’t quite fathom as I am not a scientist.

I am writing this entry mostly to HELP YOU as one day, you too could be called upon to pelt your beloved with Cheeto balls, and it is my dearest hope that you will learn from from my sad experience an emerge victorious.

First, put the shaving cream on THICK AS YOU CAN. Cheeto balls will stick more easily in a three inch layer of cream.

Second, don’t pelt with too much VIGOR. Many of the Cheeto balls PINGED off his face and bounced away. One even exploded on impact. Toss in a gentle arc.

Third, when time is about to be called, toss ALL the Cheeto balls you have left in a grand mass! Some may stick and put you over the top. You are welcome!

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