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A Birthday in Pictures

Yes, yesterday WAS my birthday (oh my Facebook informed Best Beloveds!) thank you kindly for your felicitations.

Our plans: Dinner out with wine and convivial conversation, and then a trip to the good movie theatre to see True Grit. But you know what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men….Yes. They get eaten, by Boggart and Flu, respectively.

Our Actuality: My disease addled family has been rolling two kinds of flu around between us for more than 2 weeks now. Sam got REALLY sick. Again. He was SO fevered and miserable I didn’t want to leave him alone, even though he is a giant man of 14. So, naturally, we decided the second best kind of wildly exciting birthday shenanigans available would be to eat Stouffer’s Chicken Pot Pie and clean out the garage.


I took this picture on Saturday ,but this is pretty much what the garage has looked like for…Oh, let’s see, we moved in when Beautiful Maisy was Barely Two, and she turns NINE next month:

Yes, seven years of a festering crap pile in a two car garage with no room for a mini-sub-compact because of all the “vital” piles of lumber and boxes and outgrown sporting equipment and mouse droppings and baby furniture and HAY BALES (Yes, really! Why? No clue!) *shudder* And this is THE YEAR OF NOT FAIL, so, what better to do on my birthday than WIN AT GARAGE.

Oh, also my agent sent me a GORGEOUS spray of orchids along with a host of lilies and bamboo (those are Sam’s presents piled around them), and my friends sent emails and called and SOME of them even SANG to me (You shouldn’t have! No…REALLY! YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE! hehehehehe) and our parents sent us spending-moo and I got a couple of bottles of red from Scott and the kids. I am a red wine junky you know, and I have gone off Shiraz to experiment with BLENDS. I’m CHEAP, though!

Right now my glass of wine/square of chocolate at bedtime favorite is Red Velvet from Cupcake Vineyards. It’s a blend of 47% Zinfandel, 29% Merlot, 19% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 5% Petite Sirah that is fantastic with bitter chocolate—and it’s $8.99 a bottle at the Kroger. Wheee!

But if company is coming or it’s a special day, I will go nuts and spend 12 – 18 bucks a bottle. Here is a delicious-enough-for-company-but-not-too-spendy wine I fell for over the birthday weekend: FLYING NYMPH, I had two glasses with Sam’s dinner out (His birthday was celebrated on Friday, between flus…poor kid), and now I want to go buy a case.

Last night, I opened one of the Birthday Present bottles, Petite Petit and was charmed. It’s a little spendier, but so dense and rich it’s worth it. Yes, Virginia, I DID drink with this Stouffer’s Chicken Pot Pie, and yes, Virginia’s obnoxious little brother, that DOES make me juuuust a little bit trashy.


This is what Scott wrote on the envelope of the card he gave me:

SO I was expecting something pretty AMAZING, and yet, when I opened it, I found moopy pink flowers and trembly blue birdies warbling about soul mates. Which…um. I smiled and tried to nod in an encouraging way while wondering if Scott had developed a slight brain tumor. Here is what I saw:

Then I opened it, and discovered Scott had made his OWN inside page and glued it over the bad poem! HA! Now THIS is my fella! THIS is the guy I married:

Also? Thanks in BIG part to him, our garage looks like THIS, with Scott’s workshop and tools on one side, and actual space for my CAR on the other! So HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY TO ME:

My only question is…Someone told me they changed all the zodiac crap due to math errors or somesuch…..AM I STILL A PISCES?

13 comments to A Birthday in Pictures

  • Best. Birthday. Card. Ever. YAY!

    Hope your family gets better and the flu gets OUT!

  • Hippo Birdies to you, Joshilyn! (And me too, I spose, as my birthday was Saturday…) I was wildly concerned that my sign had changed from Pisces, but as far as I can tell…no. It’s all a bit confusing, but as Westerners we follow the tropical zodiac which has 12 signs, as opposed to the sidereal zodiac which has 13 and blah blah blah astrology-cakes.
    Hope the dread mogus finally lifts from your house!

  • Aimee

    Happy Birthday! Sorry I’m a day late, but my computer at home is dying a sloooooooow and prolonged death, and I haven’t been on facebook.

    LOVE the card. Scott rocks.

  • Pam

    I need a garage WIN too. Mine looks way worse than yours. Sounds like a pretty good birthday after all!

  • edj

    Garage WIN! Card WIN! Happy belated birthday. My computer keys are sticking so I wrote Happy Beated Birthday, which I rather like and think we should all adopt. Sorry we are not friends on FB so I could have been more timely. Not that it matters. Because I, too, ADORE le vin rouge. Also those flowers.

  • Best card EVER. And you guys definitely win at garage!

  • My husband would *think* like your husband, and I’d know it, but he’d still give me the sappy card out of mistaken obligation.

    Hope your #notfail spreads to Sam and company’s immune system. The Jackson family is due for a Year of Health.

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    The garage AND the basement in a a couple of days WHILE your family is sick and also celebrating birthdays???
    You are seriously WIN. Fail isn’t even in your neighborhood.

  • First of all, you WIN for showing us your REAL, LIVE garage (and basement)all normal and whatnot. . .then you win AGAIN for having them no longer a danger zone of epic proportion. Go YOU (and all of your hacking, wheezing, celebratory family). Happy Birthday. . .a little late. And I KNOW you think you just failed all over the place, but NOT DYING was a HUGE win–especially under the circumstances. Just sayin’.

  • Awesome! Happy belated birthday!
    (I had my own win here, and it was *only* my son’s birthday…party! But he invited friends over…and I was finishing up the cake, and putting sheets on the pull-out couch and blowing up air mattresses and my husband wanted to be…well…anywhere else…SO, he went upstairs and FOLDED my MOUNTAIN of laundry! I kinda thought it was my birthday but nobody folded clothes for me on my actualy birthday!) 😉
    (It doesn’t compare to a garage win but I take what I can get.)
    Have an amazing year! How could you not, what with a clean garage and a new parking space? 😉
    P.S. Thanks also for the wine recommendations! My current favorite blend is Seven Daughters but I’m going to try yours, SOON! 🙂

  • Brigitte

    Gawd, I’m bleary-eyed. I thought you said “thank you kindly for your fellations!”
    Belated happy birthday, you big WINning-type chick! (and . . Sam is FOURTEEN!?)

    If I saw the outside of that birthday card from my own hubby, I’d be seriously concerned at first as well. We just buy the ones that are funny in the first place, we’re not creative enough to come up with the amazing card Mr. Husband did.

  • JulieB

    Happy Belated Personal New Year! I loved everything about your post except to hear that your family is stricken with flu. I hope everyone is on the mend soon.

    I LOVE Stouffers Chicken Pot Pies and Spinach Souffle. That was damn good eatin’ when I was growing up. I’ll toast a good red to that (and you, again, Happy Birthday) anyday.

    And, yes Virginia, you are still a Pisces. And so am I:

  • DebR

    That card is PERFECT!!! I have no idea what it originally said inside, but whatever it was, this is better!!! 🙂