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The Tuesday Redirect

Today I am getting my learn on over with the Plates. Heh. Lydia has challenged us all to learn something, and I basically chose something that everyone over there has been yelling at me to do ever since I ripped out my stitches getting on my cussed elliptical too early after surgery.

Over here all I have for you is a reminder that you only have 36 days left to press the button to participate in the Virtual Book Tour. It’s the second best way to get a signed first edition of Backseat Saints for yourself or as a nifty gift for a reader who needs to be showered with presents. The first best way, is, of course, to come and hang out at one of my actual tour dates, but since I may not be coming to a town near you, The Alabama Booksmith is ready to hook you up.

2 comments to The Tuesday Redirect

  • I am very very sad. You are not coming to Square Books in Oxford, and I have been waiting all year for you to put out a new book and come to Oxford. I have a lovely review copy of your book that I am only a chapter from finishing, and now I will not see you to have you sign it (or my copy of TGWSS) and I cannot take you out for drinks in the Square. That said, I think it is great how many of your stops this go round are actually benefits. That is really awesome.

  • Maria

    I read your entry on Five Full Plates but I thought you might be more likely to notice my comment if I left it here. Because I am manipulative like that. Re: meditation, I suggest you try reading Jack Kornfeld. He does not represent the Judeo-Christian tradition, but his books are extremely accessible as well as compassionate for the novice meditator. You can extrapolate easily to your own religious preference. And he doesn’t get all ethereal and chant-y. There’s no guilt or weirdness about having a regular American lifestyle. “A Path With Heart” is a good one to start with.