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Boss of Me

Today I am blogging over at Southern Authors about GOOD READS and should I go there? And really? And that seems CRACK SMOKING CRAZY to me, so REALLY? Yes? No. Yes?

Come on over and tell me what to do.

4 comments to Boss of Me

  • Ummmm. . .I’m thinkin’ “New York Times Bestselling Author” is a good enough way to be a Presence. But I’m neither a NYTBA OR a Presence. Plus, I would be one of those people who REALLY thinks the sea monkey comes to life.

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    I am thinking NO. I agree with you about sites like Goodreads being places where readers can be honest about what they thought of a book. I would be very hesitant to post anything even slightly critical if I knew the author was on the site.

  • I love Goodreads. I use it mainly to keep a log of books I’m reading, have read and am interested in reading – and I love LOVE finding author presences there – what I mainly look for is the author’s own reading list. I love to see what my favorite authors are reading and THEIR reviews of books.
    Also, Roxanne, you short yourself, because you are indeed a presence 🙂

  • I’m with Stephanie. Well, almost…I haven’t actually made it to Goodreads, yet but I love LibraryThing…
    I’m nosy. I didn’t see this as a review issue. One day, ONE DAY, when I get closer to publication, maybe I’ll worry more about that but at the moment, as a reader, I would LOVE to know what books are on your bookshelf! That is where I can see the use for it. To be able to find your favorite authors and see what THEY are reading or have enjoyed reading.
    Maybe you can join, upload a list of every book you’ve ever read, and then just leave it there. You don’t ever have to return…until you read the next book! 😉