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Go Red Lipstick (?)

That's my official GO RED T Shirt---it has a silver spangley red dress outlined on it and is cut for girls. This pic is a link to the GO RED store where you can get this shirt and other goodies and raise money and awareness and maybe a few boy-pulses because it is a super cute shirt.

That title actually is trying very hard to contain a segue. Because this is some linky love for GO RED and also, LIPSTICK can be red, and I just joined a group blog that has the word LIPSTICK in it…and, oh never mind. Fine. It was a stretch.

Today is Wear Red day, where GO RED FOR WOMEN asks that all of us all wear red and make out with Bobble Head Dogs to remind folks that heart disease is the number one killer of women. It’s not just for 50 year old type A men in power ties—-so take care of yourself and the women you love! The heart is a very important beastie, apparently. Like, if it stops working, just about everything else shuts down too. So put on the Miss Scarlet today, why doncha, and kill heart disease in the library with a candlestick. Or just shun transfats.

Okay fine, the bobble head dog part is optional…

Today I am blogging FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER on a group blog I’ve joined called The Lipstick Chronicles. Some dear, smart, funny writers I know from the for reals—–Cornelia Read, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Brunonia Barry—-enticed me over there, and I am becoming internet friends with the whole crew. It’s righteous-cool.

COME ON OVER and see me there. I am playing a game that will shape my whole year. I need you to help me pick a WORD!

8 comments to Go Red Lipstick (?)

  • DebR

    I’m wearing a red shirt too (alas, without any silver, spangly stuff on it) and going to a Go Red Tea on my lunch break today. I’ve been participating in Go Red activities for a couple of years now, but it seems especially pertinent this year after having just found out a couple of days ago that a fellow Quilt Mav, Corinne Appleton, died in her sleep of a heart attack last week. She was 48 years old. So today I’m Going Red in memory of Cori.

    Off to see visit the Lipstick Chronicles now.

  • Aimee

    I love the new blog! I’ve already bookmarked it.

  • Beth R

    I totally forgot today was Wear Red Day – but I’m wearing a red shirt anyway 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    They won’t let me leave a comment over at Lipstick Chronicles, so I will leave my comment here.

    “I think you should pick HUMOR. I was feeling so hopeless today until I read your blog and I felt better just for having laughed out loud. Humor, not just the kind that you give to relative strangers like us, but humor that you bring to the everyday aspects of your life.”

  • sillyme

    I couldn’t comment either. *waving “hi” to M-w-i-s-S*
    posting my comment here:

    The best part of Harley’s dead fish/cannibal story is that it ended with the word of the year being “enchantment”

    My word of the year will be: Let-it-go-already
    If it doesn’t make me happy I’m getting rid of it. Old magazines, old jeans, old grudges -all of it.

  • I KNOW! “Enchantment” KILLLLED me.

    SO wait though, you too, WHY would it not let you comment?????

  • sillyme

    At first it read “can not accept Data” (or something sililar to that) when I clicked on the “post” button. Later the post button just wouldn’t light up for me.

  • Jill W.

    Did you see Jen Lancaster’s winter reading recommendations? Hooray for Backseat Saints! And her Praise of all of your books is glowing!