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Naughty Nick

I have been SO ill. Today is the first time I am up and around, and it was the weekend that my side of the family all got together for Christmas. Please oil up your pity glands and remit sorrow on my behalf. Although I am feeling sorry enough for me for all of us, really…

I wanted to share a little perverted Holiday cheer that happened before I got Virused. We arrived at my mom’s house, we had all been in the car for a few hours. The children had ingested giant lemonades from Chick-Fil-A, and Scott and I had caffeinated pretty hard, he with diet coke, me with coffee. We all needed a pit stop.

Maisy headed for the back bathroom, and Sam went into the half bath by the front door. After less than a second, he popped back out again and said, “I’ll wait for Maisy.” Off he went.

Scott shrugged and headed into the half bath. Half a second later he had popped back out, too, and gone off to avail himself of a different restroom. Puzzled, I went in, saw no issues and used the facilities. It did not occur to me until later what the problem was. See, I am a girl. They are boys. I know VERY few boys who would be comfortable relieving themselves under such odd, pink, overly interested-in-the-proceedings circumstances….

12 comments to Naughty Nick

  • Em

    I was thinking what a dangerous spot old St Nick chose for himself. I think he should have been the nervous one.

  • Maybe that is what I should do to ensure a bathroom to myself in my home full of boys! Thank you for solving my dilemma!

  • Beth R

    I think your mom has a wicked streak in her! (hee hee)

  • Jean

    And neither of them thought to just turn Santa around? Or maybe that would have been too embarrassing in that it would have acknowledged that they were embarrassed to pee in front of an inanimate object. Tee-hee.

  • DebR

    It could have been worse. I once went into my bathroom and found an extremely freaked-out and very-much-alive chipmunk in exactly that same position. (Thanks to EvilDemonKittySky who enjoys hunting more than he enjoys killing, so he has his very own catch-and-release program in place.)

    Hope you’re feeling better!!

  • Aimee

    I’m with Em — I think Santa has a LOT more to be nervous about in that position than the boys do.

    Hope you feel better!

  • Pink toilet Santa is pretty scary, but I gotta agree with DebR that the chipmunk is worse. Yikes!

  • Wanda Vaughn

    Firstly, “There, there. I’m sorry you were sick. Poor dear. Have some hot chocolate to comfort you.”

    Lastly, Thank you so much for the morning giggles! That pink Santa grinning up is priceless!

  • Scottsdale Girl

    THere is a door stop in my grandparents house that someone made into a clown (out of a brick) anyway, it faces the kitchen table. Whenever I visit I walk in and kick the clown in the face and turn him around. Creeepy thing

  • I see you one cold/bronchial terror virus and raise you a stomach virus and a husband who had hernia surgery today. . .HOWEVER, you WIN hands down with the pink garbed Santa. Seriously. And DebR had me about to hack up a (diseased) lung with her alive freaked out chipmunk story. Egads.

  • I gotta get me one of those!

  • My Grandma Patsy has this exact Santa, only in red. I checked under his velvet suit when I was a kid, and his stomach is made of some weird yellow-green foam. He also has no hands under those mittens. Ours doesn’t peep on you in the potty, although he does share the same heavy-drinker capillaries as Pinky.