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Merry Everything!

I am having a little romance with a site called NAIL.

They market things, and are super innovative about it…Nail = smart. Also? A little weird. In the good way.

You may remember them from my post about longing for the gift of a sliced off, tannery-preserved hunk of elf ear this Christmas. I’ve been making my way backwards through the not-updated-often-enough-to-suit-insatiable-me-but-otherwise-awesome blog, Brain.

This entry, which is about absolutely nothing, hit me so perfectly that I reworked my Christmas plans so I could do a couple more community oriented service projects than I managed last year. You should look at it. With your eyes.

Anyway, NAIL added me to their Christmas list, and what they actually did this year rivals Elf Eardom. I have been given a USPS box. It is addressed to people I do not know. The postage is paid. I have to put somethign in the box. A gift. Someone else out there has a box with MY address on it, and right now they are deciding what to put in THAT box for me. Total stranger, anywhere in the country.

I AM SO INTERESTED IN THIS. This is the most fun variation on Secret Santa since…EVER.

NAIL says not to put me in the box.

The size of the box is really the only guideline. No suggestions…well, they came with a handy list of things NOT to put in the box: Tropical fish, edam cheese, a Slanket, Smurf Figurines, Cake Frosting, a partially eaten donut, a puffy shirt, etc. But I wasn’t going to put any of those in, anyway.

EDIT: I googled. My person is a man, which in some ways makes it harder.

Want to play along? WHAT WOULD YOU PUT IN THE BOX? Or come at it another way. What would you like to find in a box mailed to you across the country from a stranger…

It has to fit inside a space that is 8-5/8″ x 5-3/8″ x 1-5/8 and it can’t weigh more than four pounds.

Hint: Not another empty box, frozen panda meat, or one of these.

14 comments to NAILed

  • Haley

    Chocolate. Everybody loves chocolate. If you can find chocolate in the shape of disembodied elf ears, you win.

  • Jen

    Well, you HAVE to put a signed book in there. I mean, how cool would that be. When their friends are like, “Oh, I went to a signing and Joss signed my book.” They can be all, “Well, Joss is my secret Santa! See? I have proof.”


  • diane

    One of your books is a wonderful, non-gender specific gift.

    While you know nothing about them, and thus cannot do personalized, perfect-for-them gifts, you CAN do something to educate them on the awesomeness of being Southern.

    Though I don’t recommend sending cooked grits or okra (in any form).

    Is there anything distinctly Southern or from your home town you can send? A locally put together cookbook? Locally made confections? If I were sending something, I’d include a (locally made) sampler of Usinger summer sausages and Wisconsin cheese.

  • Aimee

    Everything Diane said. I think a signed book would be fantastic. Not only are you giving them a GREAT present, but you’re also letting them know who you are.

    Maybe you can tuck the recipe for Fat Potato Fat Fat in there, too!

  • Kacie

    Me? I’d take that perfectly cute chihuahua. Hehe.

  • A super-cool travel mug and a Slinky.

  • I would put a handmade scarf and a book. Two things I love to do.

  • Jill W.

    Turnips? 😉

  • Bridget

    Have Maisey do a homemade Christmas card to include and put in:
    1-a pecan log
    2-your favorite recipe
    3-a copy of Between (personalized)

  • I in agreement with the book and some sort of food product that is distinctly southern and NOT prone to spoilage. . .how about some peanut brittle? Pralines?

  • Michelle-who-is-Shelley

    Books is kind of a no-brainer for anybody who reads your blog, but with it being a MAN, you can’t be certain that he would love a book. . .
    I agree with those who suggested something that is only found where you live. It’s always fun to get something that you can’t just go out and buy. . .

    You could do a box full of fun things like that hand held football game that we thought was so cool before Nintendo, etc., and a slinky, and silly putty, and bazooka bubble gum and a pair funny glasses with the big nose. . .

  • Dang it–I’m too late–Jill took my answer. I was going to mention that this seems like the perfect opportunity to share a few turnips! 😉

    Homemade cookies? Bourbon balls? (Or better yet, liquor filled chocolate: http://www.candywarehouse.com/liquorfilled.html!) (Hard to resist trying something that promises you will “reek of sophistication.” 😉

  • Christine in Los Angeles

    Great idea, because everyone loves a Secret Santa. Can anyone join in, or must you wait to be invited?

  • I would like to find, in my box, a B&N giftcard, a Nook book light, an iTunes giftcard, Burt’s Bees chapstick, Dove peanut butter chocolates and … a 13″ Macbook.

    Hee hee.